(noun) the process of studying; the pursuit of some branch of knowledge


…and much study is a weariness of the flesh…Ecclesiastes 12:12


I used to be a good studier. I promise; I really was. Three years ago I could study seven hours with hardly any breaks at all. But in my last semester of university the best I’ve done is about four hours with a lot of breaks. In fact most of my studying involves breaks now. There’s a break to read the newspaper and a break for a snack, which bizarrely takes half an hour, then a break to check email and then another break to ride my bike and suddenly it’s six o’clock and seeming I don’t study well at night I’m finished for the day. So at the moment I get why Solomon says ‘much study is a weariness of the flesh.’ Because studying makes me weary in a way it didn’t use to.


Study is a necessary irritation, I want to keep my grade average up, and I do appreciate the moments when facts finally come together and I achieve understanding. But I am done needing to know why the green revolution wasn’t good for Southeast Asia or what the complaints process of the Australian Press Council is or the difference between face validity and internal validity.


My final exam is on Tuesday and I have been looking forward to this day for a good six months; really looking forward to this day. I might do another course in the future; maybe I’ll go to a Bible college or something. But at the moment my weary body needs a break. I’m excited about working and earning money and being more independent. And I’m happy I’m not going to be hauling around outrageously expensive textbooks; for a little while at least….


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