(noun) the day of the week following Wednesday


I worked at the newspaper and I will be working there full time from now on. I hope my body gets used to sitting down all day in front of a computer screen because it doesn’t like it heaps at the moment. Today I wrote a couple of stories and took some pictures for advertising, did some research for a story on a town that is on the rebound after a tough period, and edited some press releases to go in the paper.


The town where the newspaper is based is about 50 minutes from my parent’s house where I live now. So I’m going to be moving down there soon and hopefully my commute will be cut to about 5 minutes or something. I’m looking forward to moving: there are lots of churches to choose from, it will be nice to have some more independence and the place seems nice. I say nice too much. It’s about an hour and a half from Melbourne city and is in a dairy farming area. There are all these beautiful green hills there and some good beaches about 20 minutes away.


This town made all the big city (ie Melbourne) television news’ tonight with its water crisis. They are having a major drought and the town only has about 14.5% left in its water storage. It’s crazy to think a whole town of 4,000 people could possibly run out of water. The government will probably do something to make sure it doesn’t (and they probably should have done something a while ago) but it would be a ghost town if it did run out.


2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Ah…the Land Down Under. Nice to know you guys have water crisis’ as well (SouthernCalifornia is a big dry desert…in fact, it’s winter but it was 90F yesterday!!!!)>…..

  2. Nice.   Lots of transition going on! 

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