(noun) the underlying principle or idea etc. on which something is based


Every so often I have the disturbing realisation I have put my trust in something other then God; that I am building my life on the wrong foundation. The fact it happens every so often is more disturbing, because I didn’t learn the lesson last time.


My most recent attempt at dodgy foundation building involved my new job. I guess I kind of set myself up for it. I really wanted to have a job to go to straight out of uni and then I did get a job. Then the job was great, really great: the people are nice, the job is fun and the time flew by. Add to that I was feeling distant from God. So the next thing I know I am thinking about work heaps, dreaming up stories to write and so on. I did become convicted that I was putting my trust in the job and using it to bring me joy, but for some reason it didn’t sink in.


Then yesterday was a really hard day at work. Don’t get me wrong I know these things are to be expected, and I understand the thorns and thistles in Genesis. But it finally hit me that I had created an idol and it needed to be smashed. It feels like God thumped me on the back and said, “hey buddy, you’re not going to find what you’re looking for here and you’re stupid for thinking you could.”


In a John Piper sermon I heard recently he said one of the biggest problems with the self-esteem gospel is that it works. So if I seek happiness in liking myself more, being more confident, etc. etc. Guess what? To some degree it is going to succeed. Seeking satisfaction and joy in a job succeeded for a little while, but I hope that now the lie has been exposed I can smash this foundation stone and build again on Christ the solid rock.


One thought on “Foundation

  1. I’ll say this about you bro…I like your writing style…it’s smooth but I can’t figure out why…it flows well…….I’m a touch jealous cause I’ve always wanted to write well but was called to more of a shepherding/counseling role. …dude..good for you!!!!!! Use those gifts man!!!!!All my best, Casey

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