(noun) the finger-shaped fruit of a tropical tree

The other night at prayer meeting I looked across at the fruit bowl on dining table and was immediately drawn to the long yellow fruit on it. The significance of a couple of bananas probably isn’t obvious. However in Australia eating a banana or having a banana in your fruit bowl has almost become a status symbol.


You see earlier this year Cyclone Larry tore it’s way through north-east Queensland where 90% or something of Australia’s bananas are (or were) grown. This led to massive price increases for the bananas that were still available from New South Wales. Before the cyclone bananas were about $2.50-$3 a kilogram they shot up to about $14 a kilogram, which is about $3 a banana. Bananas were the best or second best selling product in Australian supermarkets before cyclone, with the average Australian eating about 13kg of bananas a year.


Since March I have had a grand total of ½ a banana compared to the one a day I used to eat. Though the plantations are meant to be recovering now and hopefully prices will fall. Then I can enjoy one of my faviourite fruits again.




One thought on “Bananas

  1. wow that is insane…I would have never thought…bananas=status

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