(verb) to receive as a consequence of actions


I’ve been disturbed recently by what seems to be a slipping away from what the Bible seems to clearly say about stuff. Take for example universalism type thinking, which is the idea that everyone will be ultimately saved. (Moderate versions of the idea say ‘good’ people will be saved totals versions say everyone will be saved). It seems to have grown in popularity in the past year or something, especially among thinking young people, because more people seem to be agreeing with it. There are verses in the Bible that can be used to support universalism, but when all the verses dealing with salvation, hell, heaven and different senses of saved are mixed in together I don’t think the verses that seem to support universalism actually are.


Last weekend I went to a 2500 strong church in Melbourne city of which a large majority (probably 80%) are under 25. The sermon went for maybe half an hour and to be honest I don’t really remember what it was about. The highlight (or lowlight?) was when she said something along the lines of “we should not say ‘God if it’s your will heal me’ why wouldn’t it be His will?” I think the message was basically 30 minutes of meandering thoughts on this issue with maybe one a few verses near the start.


I do worry about these young people where they, where I am, going to be in 10 years or something with all the soft teaching that seems to be around these days. Maybe the fall away from what the Bible says is partly because we are reaping the consequences of years of softish teaching and sometimes ignoring tough issues like universalism, homosexuality, women’s ordination.


2 thoughts on “Reap

  1. Bingo!!!  You got it on the money, so to speak.  Homosexuality keeps me very humble and dependent on Christ, focused on my neediness for Him, and keeps my yearnings on the Kingdom when it will all be as it should…without so much as a hint of struggle….
    …..Thanks bro… are you doing…honestly?
    In the Master’s Service…struggles and all,

  2. If I was to point a finger I’d have to point it squarely at the Church.  Jesus is the answer for the problems of the world, but conservative Christians don’t want to deal with the problem so they condemn.   Liberal Christians don’t deal with the problem of sin either, they just stop calling sin, sin, and give what used to be sin approval.   Without sin there is no problem.   Jesus wants Christians to deal with sin His way, instead of our way.  When we begin to do that then real change will happen.
    OK I’m getting off  my soap box now!

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