(noun) act of choosing


We have the state election coming up on Saturday here in Victoria and I found it really hard to choose between the two big parties. (Labor is similar to the Democrats and Liberal is like the Republicans). Basically they both suck.


Labor, which is in government, is pro-abortion and pro-weird greenie stuff like sending billions of litres of drinking water down a river for environmental flows in the middle of a drought. I mean in a drought there wouldn’t be any water in the river anyway. They are also into putting numerous wind farms in lots of places around the state, which is also quite crazy considering wind energy is expensive and inefficient, and 20% of the world’s brown coal reserves are in this state. They are also into weird financial deals were the government (using our taxes) basically pays a private company $500million to build something that only cost $200million. The other notable bad thing they did was introduced a religious vilification law, which was so stupid that a couple of Christian pastors got in trouble for reading the Koran and then laughing about it.


The Liberal leader is pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, but his party is neither of those two things. They are a bit less influenced by the green movement so they’re promising to build a new dam and hopefully wouldn’t be flushing good water down rivers. (They are also promising a desalination plant, which would probably be a waste of money unless they built more coal power stations). They also have some good public transport plans and it would be good to have a change of government because the other team has been in for 7 years and that is enough.


I used to be pretty left-wing, but now I’m almost a conservative. A few years ago I would never have imagined myself preferencing Liberal over Labor but there’s only so much craziness I can take.


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