(noun) the day of the week following Thursday


Today was a pretty good day. I got to write some good stories at work and one story we discovered after a bit of research so that was exciting. That story wasn’t anything particularly interesting it was just about government help during the drought but it was nice to do a bit of work that paid off.


People sometimes call me antisocial and while I don’t think I am, I need to put more effort into saying ‘yes’ when people ask me to go to things. I’m up to about five ‘nos’ at work, which is bad. I just feel like going and doing stuff is a lot of effort for something that will be painful. I don’t mind doing stuff with friends. Like tomorrow I’m going to see a few friends at different times and that will be good.


I’m going to start living in the new place on Sunday and that will be interesting. I’m going to take a break from leisure time computering when I’m down there for a few weeks at least. I spend too much time on the computer and on the net, and I’m going to see if there is something more productive to do when I have access to a computer. If I just end up watching lots of TV I’ll probably get my computer back.


Moving is such a chore. I have to organise a bed; think about how I’m going to wash and iron my clothes and eat in a new place when here at home it is all so easy. This is the first time I’m attempting to move out without planning to come home every weekend. I’m hoping to stay down there more and get involved in life down there. I’m even considering joining a gym.


In some ways I’m looking forward to living away from my family. I feel smothered sometimes. Like I’m being intruded upon. Probably a lot of it is just selfishness and not wanting to make an effort with people who sometimes annoy me. But I think some of it is me needing to be more independent and mature and being at home with my parents sometimes smothers that and gives me situations to act like a two-year-old.


One thought on “Friday

  1. Ok I just wrote a novel of advice for you, but I hit the “back to …. Xanga site!” and it all deleted. So here it is in an outline!
    1) God is and always will be YOUR EVERYTHING
    2) God WILL provide
    3) Learn to cook – you save money and it helps your health and its fun.
    4) Don’t get a gym membership, instead by some free weights and do squats, situps, pushups, curls, and mroe at home. WHILE also not forgetting you can do cardio outside which is nice… Unless you want to be social 🙂 don’t join a gym… everyone I know goes to my gym now and so I talk more then I work out…argh.
    5) Remember to keep YOUR EYES on the prize of the glory of God. Don’t get side-tracked or tempted by a “new” place.
    6) SAVE THE LOADS OF LAUNDRY for your mum when you go home after a few weeks. hehehe
    Thought I would add my 2 cents. Take care my friend.
    In Christ,
    Jared Michael Dunlap

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