(verb) to make a speech loudly and violently and theatrically.


It’s been an interesting week. I don’t think I will be at the place I’m staying at too long. I got three good nights of sleep and two okayish nights, and the two okayish nights weren’t because of other people’s noise so on the major indicator of whether the move was a success or not (which for me is sleep) it was okay. But there’s a lot of 17-18 year old people there often and I don’t think it is a place I will ever feel too comfortable. Plus I don’t think I would be able to stay there on the weekend without being seriously sleep deprived. I also feel like I’m putting them out because I have a nine-five job so I go to bed about 10:30pm while no-one else does so they are trying to be quieter for me.


It’s like a whole different world in a way. I guess I am a pretty middle class kind of person, with middle class values, niceties, eat your vegetables, work hard kinda stuff. So it’s like a different culture in a way. It’s interesting. It’s sad. Metaphorically I feel like I’m some kind of person who wants to flee the city for the relative safety of the suburbs, where everyone is white and nice. (Remember I’m speaking metaphorically.) I wish I was some outgoing person so I could make a difference there but I’m not so I think I will  just run. But not yet, I’ll give it a few more weeks.


I guess I’m kind of jealous in some ways. They all have their friends and seem to do nothing more then hang out all day. And party at night. Seems like fun. Something I wish I was doing when I was on my summer holidays when I had just finished school.


I had a good week at work. I still really enjoy my job, and the challenges it brings up. I haven’t faced up to my biggest challenge yet, which is parallel parking. I’m scared I’m going to have to do it sometime. Parking really scares me after I scraped a car back near the start of the year. I’m thinking of getting driving lessons just to practice my parallel parking, which I have not attempted in the three years and four months since I got my license. My editor was being really encouraging last week, which was good.    


I want to a church down there on Sunday night. It was interesting. I had read about chickified churches but I had never been to one this bad before. The walls were hot pink, orange and lavender blueish colour and all the songs were  love songs to Jesus. “Draw me close to you, never let me go…” and “I’m lost without you, I’m desperate for you.” I was wondering if places like this were just a cliché people always talked about but there wasn’t actually any of them. At least we didn’t all have to hold hands with a sweaty stranger, which has happened twice at a certain large church that will remain nameless….


4 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Hey Chris…bummer about having to change places yet again. Transitions in life can get really old, to be sure. As for the parking!!!! hahahahaahah…bro, I understand that…trust me. Unfortunately, parallel parking is one of those things you just have to DO again and again and again to get the hang of….it’s taken me what…15 years to perfect my parking skills…now if I could just perfect my ‘changing lane skills’, I’d be great on the road…alas…I’m usually responsible for some crash on the Los Angeles freeway system that has closed down all lanes for hours (or at least that’s what the cops keep telling me!!!)…….but now I’ve got a question for you….you’re best friends..the guys who are THERE for you…where do they fit in your life these days?all my best (as always), Casey

  2. If parallel parking is your biggest challenge as of yet… you’ve got it made, brother. Sometimes, I wish I were that “outgoing” person, too; then again, as I think about it more, there’s nothing bad about being… “incoming” (or whatever the opposite of “outgoing” is! [grins] ). It’s just, we relate to people differently. Honestly, I couldn’t see myself hanging out with friends all day and then partying during the night. I really couldn’t. But, anyway, that’s just me. And I thought I’d say hi, seeing as how you’re subscribed to me! [smiles]

  3. Of course, the more I read the more I find hmm where did my twin brother and I leave our triplet? hahaha…
    Seriously now… I find that the perplexity that you find yourself is only relational to what everyone experiences when A) They move away from B) They graduate C) They are trying to better figure out who they are.
    I am jealous because you are out in the real world and Im still in school 🙂
    There will be plenty of opportunities for you to be an outgoing person enjoy what this world has to offer you when you are on location for those journalistic reports for the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and even your small paper you work for now :)…
    What Im saying is…time will tell if you will have the outgoing personality… make of what you have. If you have neighbors who are young and don’t have a care in the world. Then challenge yourself to chat with them… see what they have to say and offer up what you know, what you know to be true… JESUS CHRSIT… Ask them hey …. 🙂 … Are you down with G…O…D? 🙂 – Outgoing to me means to step out and take a risk in a conversation, school setting, work, and more… where you feel  you are out of your comfort zone but still firm in your beliefs, faith, and values.
    PARALLEL PARKING – I had the best drivers trainer when I was 15… he taught me the best way to parallel park… thats why my brother and I valet parked for so many years in our first years of college… man was I in good shape then hehe… oh well… back to the subject… IT IS IMPERATIVE to learn how to Parallel Park! I’m sick of seeing people like you 🙂 hit other cars… hahaha… every time I walk to school it seems there are these young ladies either California blond valley girls who seem to go OOPS and laugh when they hit a new audi parked while they are trying to parallel park… remember you are supposed to be about 6 inches from the curb… NOT 4 FEET like some of them. They give parking tickets to those UNEXPERIENCED parkers 🙂 Then you have the parallel parkers who just hit you and try to get the right position in their parking spot at the cost of your bumper and paint job… hmmm wait I think its just Californians… in Minnesota I had no problems with people hitting me – no matter – the space and amount of cars… if they did they would leave a card with ins. # and contact info… here… you are lucky if your car isnt just left bruised and hurt while others just walk by like nothing happened.. hmmm sucks… I take the stand though… I speak out for the little guys hehe – camera phones come in handy and a quick memory for license numbers helps too hehe

    Enough… good luck with everything…
    This time next week I’ll be headed into finals week!!
    I’ll be officially finished Tuesday, December 19th in the evening…
    Talk to you soon bud.
    In Christ,
    Jared Michael Dunlap

  4. Hey…no posts in, what?, forever………not fair!!!! You can’t just get us hooked and then….NOTHING!!!!! You’re a journalist….JOURNAL ALREADY!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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