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Sunday was a pretty good day except it was really hot. 41 celsius or 106 farenheit. It only goes above 40 a few times each year if we are unlucky and it doesn’t usually happen as early as December. My grandparents live about 5 minutes from us and they have this drain out the front and because it is drying up the fish are all concentrated in one part that’s only about 40 centimetres deep at the most. So my sister and I went around there with buckets and tried to catch the carp, which is basically a pest fish. Some of them were pretty big. There were also some goldfish. It was quite fun. The heat and the water and the fish and my sister. I need to have fun more often. Then I went down to my new home townish and that was okay. I tried out another church, which is the church one of my housemates goes to, it was better then last weeks one. It was really short like a 45 minute service.


I don’t really get Christians who get drunk and swear and smoke. Two of those things are debated in some quarters as to whether they’re wrong or not. But I don’t get it basically cause my ‘cultural background’ if you like all those things were frowned upon. And these are Christians who teach Sunday school, lead worship and even get to preach. And then I think of myself who has done all those things (teach, lead, preach – not the other three) and my masturbating and looking at porn, I know these things are wrong and I think maybe what I’m doing will appear as silly to someone else.


I still want to move. The people I’m staying with probably want me to move too. I overheard them a few times saying non-positive things about me. It wasn’t really anything personal or unexpected, so while it disappointed me to hear it, it wasn’t really that bad. Going there was a risk, which I knew could possibly turn out bad, so I’m not too fussed about it in that sense. But I still need to find another place to go to and there isn’t any other better offers on the table at the moment. I’ll advertise again in mid-January after the Christmas break when perhaps there is some action happening.


I didn’t really think about my struggle against same-sex attraction much this week. It hasn’t really been on the fore front of my mind. I went Christmas shopping today and damn there were lots of hot guys. So it basically sucked, but one thing I did notice is that there aren’t really that many hot guys to distract from the cause in town, which I guess presents me with an opportunity to strengthen myself when there is less temptation around.


3 thoughts on “Week

  1. I’m actually jealous of a “summer” christmas bro…I really am. In this part of California (indeed most of California) summer’s mean no rain. Therefore, the hills are dry and brown…and I love it that way!!! The Eucalyptis tree are blowing in the breeze…it’s home. anyways, I digress. The same sex stuff in my life tends to ebb and flow so enjoy the times when it’s not an issue…its a gift. Also, from my observation, you’re good at comparing yourself to other guys….and coming up the loser (they’re ‘hot’ but you…well…you get the point). Bro, when’s the last time YOU looked at the man in the mirror, eh? (and no, that’s not some 5000 mile L.A. to down Under pick up line). From one Brother in Christ to another Brother in Christ, bro you can hold your own in the looks department quite nicely. Accept the complement at face value…there are no “gay” hooks there. My observation so many times is that guys how are handsome guys think so many others look so better ‘hot’, and that they simply don’t compare. Wake up, take a good look in the mirror and accept that God did a great job! All my best in the Master I serve, Casey

  2. Brother,
    I find that even those thousands and thousands a miles away we  deal with the same issues. Of course, because we are human. My temptations have been put on the side burner… because? Perhaps its because of school and its demanding schedule and the season. I am more concentrated on what this season means and more then my own personal desires.
    Its hard to look at our own brothers and sister in Christ and see that they are ruining their bodies. Perhaps they don’t find this to be true but remember our bodies are temples of God. Its a struggle dealing with this, shall I say compromise. Stop me if I am going to far to say that perhaps these people are compromising their abilities for a drink, behavior, and filthy mouth. Rather, if we looked at our lives and said “I can be more than this” – then we can see how much we creeped and crawled into compromising and after awhile came to just think it was the way we WERE to live our lives. Who knows if I am being clear enough but this is exactly what I was doing with my life.
    For now I pray that things will come together in both your life, my life, and all others. God has a plan, may I just turn to it more and more. Take up the cross CONTINUOUSLY my brother.
    In time things will continuosly show to be true… it takes faith. Faith, its something that I am weak within now. Pray for me as Iwill lift you and many others up too.
    Your brother,
    – Back to writing the paper I told you about hehehe… I’ve fot 16 hours and counting…

  3. Hello,
     I read your blog and understand what you were talking about!  I went Christmas shopping and had to deal with all the temptations of looking at other guys too!  Good luck with finding a good church.  I am in that same process!
    I hope that you find another place to live and that you continue to have more fun with your sister, etc..  Hey, maybe you can move in with your sister and her family or a family member???

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