(adjective) feeling that one would like to sleep or rest

In my personal opinion being tired is one of the worst physical feelings in the world. I probably had five hours of sleep a night -at the most- for the past four nights. I blame it on two things: having some  kind of cold/throat thing, which made it difficult to sleep and people making noise.

I get tired pretty easy. If I stay up till 1am or so and get six hours of sleep I often feel crap the next day. I feel lethargic, like i’m going to through up, dizzy and just tired at different times. And then the worst thing when I finally hit the sack I wake up and it takes me ages to get to sleep.

I am pretty intense when it comes to my sleep. When selecting a place of board, one must be aware of multiple things. How far is the room from the teleivision? Is there a wall or door between said television and room? Is the bathroom nearby? Does the bathroom have a noisy shower and exhaust system? Do the people feel an unnecessary need to be making loud noises after 11pm? Are the people nice enough to make sure they don’t unneccesaryly disturb you? Will ear plugs be enough to block out noise?

One of the most annoying things in the world has to be when people make lots of noise and then they apologise for it. To me it seems insincere. If they were really sorry they wouldn’t have done it in the first place. (Obviously a lot of sorrys aren’t geninue but I think on this issue it is especially noticable). It’s like they are saying, ‘I know I was making lots of noise last night, and just for politeness I’m going to apologise’. I had a very sincere apology today about being woken up, I’m sure he genuinely meant it. But when he was making noise a few nights back I’m not sure he would have been able to apologise genuinely.


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