(noun) the Christian festival commemorating Christ’s birth


The most notable thing about Christmas here was that it was cold. It was just 14C (58F). It was the coldest Christmas day in Melbourne since records began. Some places had a ‘white Christmas,” which is extremely unusual. For me personally it was nice, I’m not a big fan of hot weather and a roast meal tastes better when the heater is on. If this is global warming, bring it on baby, I say.


My Christmas day started around 8:30am when I got out of bed, which was good because I was worried someone would get me up earlier. I received some useful gifts including some heavier dumbbells to hopefully grow some muscles, a new pair of thongs (as in flip flops not other thongs) and money. I also received the first two seasons of ‘Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman.’ I loved that show in the mid-1990s. and it was great watching it again. Some of my memories must have been lying dormant in my long-term memory for a decade plus, because sometimes I knew what was going to happen next.


My family had dinner with my Mum’s sister and her family and our grandparents. It was a good meal and the company was good. I’m appreciating extended family a lot more then I used too. Our extended family is not really close. But they’re great people to spend some relaxed time with and chat (or listen to them in my case usual) good-naturedly. There feels like there’s less pressure when it’s family, as opposed to friends or acquaintances.


So all in all it was a good day. Except I’m promising myself that next year I won’t eat so much…and maybe I’ll keep myself to it this year.


6 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. hahahahahahaha…global warming!!!!! And…by the way….if I was stuck on a desert island with just one good dumbell set I could still get buff…..there is sooooo much you can do with those dumbells……….heck, literally….I pretty much only use dumbells for my chest exercises anymore (in a reverse pyramid…starting with whatever I can press 4x’s, then drop 5lbs and press it 6x’s, then drop 5 lbs. and press 9x’s, then drop 5x’s and press 12x’s and then, finally, drop 5 more pounds (lbs) and press those babies 15x’s…… can do that for incline/decline and normal bench press, plus 100 pushups and buff out n short order….do that 2’x week for that muscle group and you will be the next Superman……….just don’t do what I did….eat about 5000 calories a day so that I’ve got to lose 25lbs by summer to actually SEE those muscles I’ve worked so dang hard on 😦

  2. My friend, Merry Christmas to you and of course a Happy New Year!!!
    I hope all is well. My Christmas was great and I really enjoyed the family and friends I was able to share it with.
    Now comes New Years another time of celebration for the New Year – year of possibilities.
    Continue to work hard at everything.
    In Christ,

  3. I like that profile pic… look like you’re having a good time.

  4. dont we all make that promise like were not going to eat as much next year…with me i dont think it ever works

  5. Good luck with the dumbbells, thong and the money!!! 

  6. Hmm New Year’s Resolutions… I can’t wait to ATTEMPT to keep mine 🙂
    Continue to maintain your health, relationships, and good character in this next year to come!
    Your brother,
    Jared Michael

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