(noun, informal) an infatuation


Something that bugs me is when a chick has a crush on me. Obviously it’s flattering in a way but when I’m only seeking friendship and nothing more it’s frustrating. There are always signs of a crush like an increased tendency to reply to emails or the need to send text messages a lot. And looks that last too long.


I don’t want to give the impression that every chick I meet falls for me, because they don’t. There’s only been about six or so. But they follow a pretty predictable pattern: I notice they probably like me and they show a greater interest in me. Through the previously mentioned ways or they want to ‘catch up’ all the time, which is difficult if I have only seen them the week before. During this I try to make sure I don’t lead people on. (Though I only realised last year that I should take more radical steps to do this).


A few times they asked me if I liked them and when I said I didn’t they lay off. And a few found out I struggle with same-sex attraction so that took me off the available list. Each time the situation follows a predictable pattern. Once they know I’m not looking to date, the emails and messages and invitations to ‘catch up’ dry up. I’ll be honest and admit this leaves me feeling a bit used. Surely if they there was something appealing about me it should still remain despite the fact I don’t like them.


There are advantages to this. I should be seeking male friendship and so if chicks have a habit of leaving me that’s okay. I also prefer male company anyway because I find chicks annoying because of previous said reasons and potential for that. Hopefully one day I won’t.


4 thoughts on “Crush

  1. They are prone to that, aren’t they?

  2. HAHAHA, I couldn’t help but laugh at this message.
    My church is hmm I would say about 2500 people and my twin and I are the only “Americans” in this Russian congregation.
    To some Russians an American looks appealing because they have a guaranteed wealthy future (supposedly) so if its not the mothers its the Christian “sisters” who always compliment me on my clothing, suit, hair, smile, prayers, WHAT MORE…
    The girls I like are the ones who are non-shelant (spelling) about their liking in a boy.
    So far I haven’t found one.
    My previous gf she played “hard to get” so I had to work at the whole ‘reeling’ her in to the relationship hehehe. But now its like I am one out 50 girls hehehe.
    Lord help me…
    Give me good male friendships so that I can avoid this female persuance hahaha… all they want is their “MRS.” degree 🙂
    No really, I too desire to be married someday…but until then its up to God and myself to continue to mold, shape, and teach me.
    For now, I’ll just hmm say “I’m off Limits” 🙂
    Gods got me for now.
    Hope everything continues to be going good.
    Lets talk sometime soon bud.
    Your brother,
    Jared Michael Dunlap

  3. I can relate to your post…but I’d be curious about the linkage between the main women in your life growing up (and the FEELINGS associated with them) and how you feel with ‘chicks’ nowadays. …For me..the linkage was huge…kinda felt like I was married to an absolute WINCH growing up (my mom)….so it makes sense that women bug me and suffocate me….irritate me really. It’s taken a WHOLE lot of effort to see my wife as good in my life…not a demanding woman who just sucks the life out of me and gives me nothing in return. …again…it’s the feelings that are key. Just a thought bro….By the way…thanks for updating so much…I enjoy getting to “know” you..your heart….it actually helps me in my journey as well. …all my best, Casey

  4. Okay, I have no problem with that now…. but I am a “little” older now…. lol  but, wow, that’s cool what casey posted, I had the same problem…  with feelings about woman that is..  But you seemed to enjoy spending time with your sister at least, didn’t you??  When you two went out and had some much fun…?? At least that is one reltionship that is good, right?

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