(adjective) of, like or suitable for men


In the middle of this year I was on a masculinity kick. I listened to some good preaching by Mark Driscoll on masculinity and I read some internet articles based around the theme of why men hate going to church. My interest in the issue has dwindled a bit since but I have noticed it in relation to churches a lot recently.


It seems that the churches I have been to are feminine places. And it’s everything. The music, the type of language used, for example ‘relationship to Jesus’ rather then ‘following Jesus,’ the focus on dull programs, craft in children’s Sunday school etc. Then there’s the whole culture: it’s the first family of don’t rock the boat, and if in doubt nod and smile. I’ve noticed it at Christmas as well. It seems like a lot of carols were written in an overly sentimental time, and the whole story has been made soppy with the warm and cosy Mary and Joseph with pleasant animals watching and so on.


Its weird this has become a big issue for me. I’m not the most masculine person in the world. But I almost feel my attempts to be more of a man is hushed when I try to do it in church surroundings. The other reason it’s bit silly me talking about this is because of sin I am not in a position to take on greater responsibility and to try to make a change from the inside.


I’m not really blaming women. Probably most of the fault rests with men. Instead of leading they’ve been passive. Instead of fighting sin they’ve let it win and left the women to pick up the pieces. Instead of preserving in the battle to de-sentimentalise churches they’ve given into apathy and laziness.


The other reason that has got me thinking about it again a bit is because I don’t think the approach in some places is leading to good fruit. There’s lots of young guys who will leave the ‘women’s business’ behind as soon as they can. There’s other guys who aren’t being challenged enough so are settling for a mediocre faith.


Some attempts to correct the problem seem to go too far the other way and create a hyper-masculinity. I was reading about this GodMan conference they had in LA. (I think the name and place are correct). I think it went too far the other way. So it’s probably about being balanced and biblical.



4 thoughts on “Masculinity

  1. interesting..probably true

  2. Yeah, I totally agree with what you said and how men are the ones who were the ones who were lazy and slacked in this area!!  It seems that women are running the churches anymore… I think what you said is true at the end of how it should have a balance of both and not an extreme of one or the other!!!  I went to this one church and they started to get the men more involved and challenged them, etc… and because of this, the church exploded in growth and more and more men came and started to step up to the responsibility of leading, etc…and I saw the church become more of a healthy place then a place that was just an upgrade of a better disfunctional home!!!  Maybe I was a little harsh in that last statement, but I did see it get better!

  3. RYC: Yeah, I keep praying that things will change!!!

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