Work is still going pretty good. I still enjoy it most of the time. I enjoy going out and taking photos of people and trying to take good photos. I enjoy being able to write some interesting stories, such as about a youth pastor who’s youth group has increased in size from 16 to 60 in about year. Or a story about a race caller who was there when three horses finished exactly at the same time. The people I’m working with are all pretty good as well, except for a couple of unfriendlyish type people, but that’s life.


On the negative side, sitting down staring at a computer screen all day isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to do. The newspaper I work on isn’t very well managed. It’s kinda like the TV show ‘fawlty towers,’ which is a British comedy about a mismanaged hotel. There’s no major direction and somethings are left undone sometimes. We are also getting a new editor soon, who I think used to edit the competition, and he must be bad or something because some of the other journo’s there weren’t very happy about it.


I’m going to be moving houses soon. About two and a half months after I first intended too. It did improve. I got used to it and I got more sleep. In fact I have not had sleeping problems since a horrid week before Christmas when my sleep was disturbed every night. I’m still not sure where I’m going yet. I’ve advertised for the past four weeks and haven’t had too many offers. The one I’m thinking about is with a 25-year-old guy pretty close to town. It’s a bit more expensive. The one thing I’m not too sure about is when I mentioned who it was with at work yesterday. They said they thought he might be gay. (Not as a fact, but as a conclusion they’ve made). He’s not hot or anything so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem even if it was true.


2 thoughts on “Work

  1. hey…at least your not attracted to EVERYBODY!!!! See, there’s a bright side to everything!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing bud.
    Hope all is going well.
    Praying for you.
    In Christ,

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