So at work we (the journalists) are in the process of getting a new wage agreement. It is about 6 and a half months late because the last one ran out in June last year. The bosses aren’t that sympathetic to journalists needs for wage rises cause they would have given us (or them because I wasn’t there last July) out of the kindness of their hearts. But they didn’t and they are being very slow about it. Like the other newspaper in the area, which is somehow owned by the same family, received a pay rise back in December and we didn’t.

Journalists at country newspapers in Australia don’t really get paid much so every little bit helps. And the conditions aren’t excellent. For example we have to work on weekends without getting paid extra and we have to work about 11 hours in a day before we would get any overtime. And if we suggested we were going to claim for overtime we would be told not to work 11 hours then. But I understand bosses are going to be trying to save money where they can. And it doesn’t seem like there is heaps of money lying around so I don’t think we are being treated outrageously unfairly or anything. There is a plan to fake a sicky on the day before the paper comes out if the negotiations don’t go very well. That doesn’t seem to be very moral. So i’m not sure what to do there…

The union is doing some of the negotiations. I think all the other journalists are members of the union. I was going to join, but then found out it costs $500 a year so I thought I would wait and see. And well I don’t think it is worth it. They basically need to be continually chased to do things. It took them 7 months to start negotiating a new agreement with the country newspaper association. So it could be worth maybe $250 a year, but $500 is a bit much.


4 thoughts on “Negotiations

  1. Hmm interesting situation you are in.
    Well unions are always interesting, the good thing is they can protect you. But I don’t really care for them. I come from Minnesota, where most of the voters side with their union – so if the union is liberal and you are a Conservative Christian – they will WANT you to vote Liberal and most follow with that – to keep their Union reps in peace.
    Morals… do your best to maintain your moral standards.
    Hope your day is going well brother.
    Talk to you soon.
    For now I must get ready for evening service at church.
    I got some new clothes today and a haircut after church… looking nice
    But for who… no one else but myself LOL…
    Praying for you.
    In Christ,
    Jared M. Dunlap

  2. I was gearing up to be a copy editor at a science journal, but I heard that that can turn you into a nocturnal zombie.  What’s your sleeping schedule like?  I can also relate to the long hours and no overtime…fun fun.

  3. How do you say “update” in the land “down under”???? Hm…just wondering…..:)

  4. Bro, I’ve missed you being around!  Listen Chris, I’m shutting down my site.   I enjoyed your posts, and pray that God will continue to do great things in and through your life.
    God Grant You Grace and Peace In Him,

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