Sometimes, like today, I feel like I want to go somewhere where nobody knows my name. I guess it’s why I like big cities; lots of people who don’t know me and I don’t know them. I’m not sure why I like and desire anonymity sometimes. Like a week ago it was my turn to work weekends and the local show (or fair) was on so off I went with the mission to get 10 or so good pictures. And I saw a lot of people who I either knew them vaguely or I could recognize them.


Maybe it makes me uncomfortable because I feel I need to perform to meet some kind of standard. And it also leads to that weird thing with people I’m vaguely familiar with: Will I say hello or won’t I? Then after the show I went to the supermarket to get some fruit before sitting at my computer to process the photos and I saw more people I knew or recognised.


I guess it’s part of being a journalist in a small town. There’s lots of people I meet who are highly involved in stuff and they end up in everything. And even as I write this on the porch of my home a guy I vaguely know drove out of the hospital across the road.


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