There’s that phrase in the Bible where it goes make your body a slave, and where Paul goes I beat my body into submission so I don’t miss out on the prize. They may both be in the same place. I’m uncertain; I’m without a concordance to check where it says these things. But I’m pretty sure it does. This is about to get a little bit untasteful perhaps but I’ll press on because it was kind of profound to me at the time.


I was walking along a walking/biking/riding track trail near where I live. It’s quite nice and goes through a lot of farming country and it used to be a railway line was. I try to walk it a couple of times a week to get some exercise. (Though with the end of daylight savings I will have less opportunity unless I get up early and that is not going to happen). Anyway this particular evening I was about half an hour from home and pretty suddenly I really needed to go to the toilet. It was that desperate pit of the stomach aching. And I was half an hour walk from home with no toilet between here and there.


So I started making my way back after ruling out using the bushes as temporary drop zones. And for 25 minutes (seeming I hastened somewhat) I beat my body into submission and made it a slave. My mind was in control and though my body let me know it was very, very unhappy my overruling of its urgent need it was my slave. And then when I was thinking about this situation it became clear to me that this was the kind of single-mindedness and overruling of desires, whether physical or emotional, I should be using at many other times.


I’m glad to report I made it back to the toilet and learned (or should I say was given) a valuable lesson along the way.


3 thoughts on “Slave

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I would NEVER in a thousand years have thought about that verse in that situation.  I woulda gone all John 13:27 on ya.  Wow, that made me laugh 😀

  2. Good illustration, and yeah that’s kinda the way we need to deal with temptation.    The difference is we need to use the word of God instead of mind over body.    God’s word has power where we haven’t.    It’s good to see that you are listening and learning.

  3. 1 Cor. 9:27.
    Good verse, Chris.

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