I made a couple of big mistakes in a newspaper advertorial this week. They were so stupid. I got a fact wrong, which was just bizarre because there was no reason why I should have got it wrong. And the other was simply putting down the wrong date. Its worse because in an advertorial they’ve usually paid for it. I’m annoyed at my self and I’m going to go slower and check more for a while. Argh.


5 thoughts on “Mistake

  1. dude…you are a HUMAN being….no need to crucify yourself…we all seem to learn more from making mistakes than we do from being successful!!! Shoot…I should know!!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. How are things going, bro?

  3. thanks for the comment bro.


  5. So…when do we hear from you again?  Hope all is well…but fill us in, ok?

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