Finding a new church in a new  place is kind of difficult. I guess I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never had to do it before. Because I had many problems with my other church I thought I’d walk into a new church and fall in love with it but that’s not the way the search is happening.


The church I went to today was pretty good. Good range of people, good Bible-preaching pastor, good range of music. But there’s other things I don’t like about it. Firstly there isn’t that many people in my demographic (young, male, professional type job) and it’s a Dutch kind of church so there’s a lot of Dutch people (or people of Dutch descent) and it kind of feels like I’m interrupting a big family get together. Not having any Dutch ancestory my self. Like I read the church roster and it was all Dutch names basically.


I went to a Presbyterian church a few weeks ago and I don’t think I’ll go back there. It had about 13 60+ people and another few who would just squeeze under. And it was all old hymns, old type service. But on the positive I didn’t feel weird being a single cause there was no young couples or families with kids.


Another week I went to the Anglican church. It was kinda weird cause I’d done a few stories on it so I felt like I had a conflict of interest or something. It was good though. Lot’s of modern music, passionate people, good range of people. Full church. It’s a bit different to my more evangelical experiences with the dress ups and the way they take communion.


The other problem with the church search is that there’s only one day a week when the main morning service is on. Once you take out morning times I’m back with the parents, and Sundays I work that doesn’t leave many left. And I’ve been to some night services but that isn’t the best representative of a church.


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