Well I was going to do an entry about how I’m intending to blog sometime again in the future, and then suddenly I was in the mood to blog, so here I am blogging, and writing alarmingly long sentences. My editor wouldn’t like that, but he won’t be editing this.


I’m listening to the new Missy Higgins CD, she is BIG in Australia. It’s good stuff. She’s got this great song called “Where I stood” kind of melancholy thinking music.

I dont know what i’ve done,

Or if i like what i’ve begun
But something told me to run…

There were sounds in my head

Little voices whispering

That i should go and this should end

Oh and i found my self listening

Cause i dont know who i am,

who i am without you.”


I’m enjoying my newspapering at the moment. Our new editor, who isn’t new anymore, shook things up a bit and gave me some more responsibility so now I kind of edit the real estate and farming sections of the paper. (Edit as in decide what goes in and on what pages). I like organising and balancing where stuff should go then actually writing. In this weeks newspaper I had a story on the permit process for a rabbit farm, did the vox pops, a couple stories on the local non-response to climate change, did real estate, story on some New Zealand dairy students visiting the local milk factory, a couple of other farming tings, something about the industrial estate and took photos of 11 businesses for an advertising feature.


I need to improve some things in my life at the moment. It’s hard and I’m not as willing as I should be.


Oh yeah the guy I mentioned ages ago that I was living with who I kind of ended up with a crush on, well I was reading his myspace page recently and it turns out he is bi. I don’t know what I think about that. Only that if things had have been different back then maybe I could have been more help. A lot of things probably should have been different.


4 thoughts on “Back

  1. It’s nice to have you back. Don’t give up, things will get better. :)-Richard.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had as much control and influence over people’s choices as we think we have? Chris….come on bro…you MIGHT have been more help….but in truth, these issues of sexuality run SO deep, and are so deeply intertwined with our hearts, that the reality, as it is today, would probably have been the same as it would have been had you helped the guy out. Chris….I still read your stuff….still track with your life…so keep writing…you’ve got the gift for it at least….BUT give yourself some grace over the past…hindsight is 20/20. All my best bro!Casey Bennett

  3. mIss ya bro..thanks for the update…things are going ok… school finished up for the Spring…I will be attending UCLA (Univ. of California – Los Angeles) in the Fall for Biology.So this will be a 6 hour move South and it will be a testing time.Again, miss ya bro.It means a lot that you were able to share and update.Jared

  4. Nice to see you again, Chris.

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