I found this sad. It’s about people who are the result of sperm banks and the like.


MARGARET SOMERVILLE: …I read this every other day practically. They write things like, “I get up in the morning and I look in the mirror and half of me is missing, I walk down the street and look at men and think, maybe could he have been my father?” We’ve just had in Canada a group of young people who contacted each other on the Internet and all found out from their single mothers that they had all been born from the same fertility clinic in Vancouver. They got together and got themselves genetically tested to see if they were related. Two were a half brother and a half sister and the rest of them weren’t. Kids want to know this, and do you know when they most want to know it? They want to know it when they’re going to have a child of their own. And what they say is that “I feel this was done to me and now I’m going to do it in a way to my child because my child won’t know any further back than me.”


3 thoughts on “Sad

  1. Wow…that’s intense bro…

  2. Wow…that’s intense bro…

  3. Good on the brave professor!

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