Office politics isn’t something I really considered before joining the workforce. Not that there is heaps of it where I work, but there’s a few things that niggle at people. For example the advertising staff upstairs all have LCD screen computers and most have nice chairs while the journalists downstairs have old screens and old chairs. My chair is from before they invented gas lifts and movable supports, which must not have been a very good time for backs. My computer screen flickers as well. I put a radiation shade thing on it but it still flickers away. The editor asked for better screens/chairs but I’m not holding my breath. There’s also a bit of tension sometimes over editorials, which are write-ups to promote businesses or issues, and where and when they get in the paper and how well they are done. This week for example we have a 11 page feature on a local town, which obviously requires 11 pages of editorials.


People really resent the boss. But in a way I think that he’s lucky (it’s a family business that has been passed down) enough to have the right parents so why shouldn’t he do what he want? I mean we can always quit if it’s so bad. Newspapers are pretty left-wing places: pro-unions, pro-climate change (after writing an editorial about the Prime Minister should be doing something about climate change my editor bought an electric heated dog bed, left-wingness is confusing). So it’s about worker’s rights kind of stuff. But on the other hand if you treat employees well it increases productivity (well I assume it does), makes them happier, probably increases willingness to go the extra step etc.


I guess complaining about the boss/work conditions is an easy thing to be drawn into, but is probably not all that helpful. Anyway I should try to do some work but our computer drives are getting changed over and I can’t access my stories.


2 thoughts on “Whinge

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. If people start bringing their own chairs, the editor might feel a little pressured to do something more…

  2. Hey bud, hope all is well.I am just returning from LA … I’ve decided that I will be attending UCLA for school in the Fall. SO it should be exciting and yah so you’ll find me in one of 4,000,000 in that smog-polluted city 🙂 Plus that have frequent flights to Aussie country! Again hope you are doing well and wouldn’t mind chatting with you soon in the near future.- Jared

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