So I did this story about beekeeping. My editor is interested in bees so he wanted me to do it. Anyway it turned out the beekeeper is a Christian and we had a good chat and he said he was thinking of starting a young Christian adult group in the town, which would be a great thing ’cause there ain’t too many of them around.


Last night he invited me around for dinner with him and his wife, which was nice. Hopefully he still likes me when the paper comes out tomorrow and he reads the story about himself. It makes me nervous writing about people I know or want to know ’cause it’s almost guaranteed they are going to find something they don’t like in the story. And not necessarily a mistake, perhaps an emphasis they disagree with or a quote accidently taken out of context. Anyway it’s made me think writing for a big city paper would be nice, because the people I would write on would be more distant. And unlikely to be met up with for complaints.


My boss is getting us new chairs and LCD screens. Hopefully it will make work a more pleasant experience. Though LCD screens seem to be unnatural light. I have my brightness set on about 8 or something.


This post didn’t have anything to do with bees in the end. Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Bees

  1. Hey man, outside of the world of newspapers, how is your life going these days? 
    All my best,
    Casey Bennett

  2. Well, Mr. Casey pops up.  I guess it had to happen.   Not that I’m complaining mind you.   I like having Casey around.   This is a very funny post you’ve got here, but really I wouldn’t worry too much about the guy not liking the article.   If he’s a Christian then you should be fine.   I could be wrong of course Lord knows I often am, so I hope things come out well.   It’s great that you’re getting new equipment and a chair.  

  3. Nice post bud… 🙂
    I have many friends from church their parents do beekeeping…haha
    talk to you soon

  4. Hey… 🙂 Just stopped by to say “Hi”. Paul

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