MY extended family on my mother’s side has never been really close. Her four brothers, one sister and 24 or so nieces and nephews (my cousins) only all get together on the Saturday before Christmas each year. When I was younger these gatherings were not one of ‘Chris’ favourite things’. Having to spend time with people I neither knew nor particularly liked isn’t an introvert’s dream. But these days I find it slightly enjoyable to see what everyone is up to. Now we’re all older we can do the whole, ‘what you been up to this year?’ and then see what else is happening. Now it’s almost sad that for what ever reason/s we don’t see each other more. And seeming I’m older that’s partly my responsibility now.


As a journalist I do find people interesting and through asking the right questions and having a good general knowledge there’s usually interesting things to find out. Especially with people doing interesting and varied things as a career. Like someone working in research for the defence force or trying to apply new government legislation to a superannuation company or driving around the latest Ford Falcon on a proving ground. People are immensely interesting and there’s nothing like family when we’re all stuck in a room and have to be nice to each other. Though I’ll admit a few of the young teens are doing their best with a teenage angst act.


I love rain. There’s something special about the stuff that falls from the sky. Especially when it’s summer and there’s lots of it. And over the past few days there was lots of it. 81mms or just a bit over three inches. That would be the most in a 60 hour period we have had here in possibly years. So I did what any rain loving boy would do and put on a rain coat and gum boats and went and stood in it as I attempted to drain the fast growing puddles on my parents’ long gravel driveway. I felt like I was obeying the creator’s order to subdue the earth as I dug holes and directed the water away from where it was.



One thought on “Extended

  1. How would you have felt if lightening had struck?   Families can be very interesting indeed.  Sometimes in ways we’d rather they weren’t

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