GROWING up on a farm it’s not surprising I’m a tad obsessed about the weather.

(Maybe I’ve even blogged about this before…hmmm)

Anyway, my family was always keen to know when it was going to rain next or be extremely hot.

When the weather came on the radio during the farmer’s country hour it was always a time to be silent as my Dad listened intently.

Right now it is quite hot and I am not a fan of hot weather.


Earlier this week I was partaking in my other favourite way to waste time; searching for interesting facts on Wikipedia. I was reading about various American cities: Austin, Tucsan, Denver, Columbus, El Paso, Wichita, Seattle, Portland, Cleveland, Albuquerque etc, and I found that in most of them the average summer temperatures were higher then Melbourne while the average winter temperatures were lower. Take Charlotte NC, it’s hottest month is July with an average high of 32 C (90 F) while it’s coldest months (Dec/Jan) have an average high of 12 C (54 F). While Melbourne’s hottest months (Jan/Feb) average high is 25.8 C (78F), it’s coldest (July) has an average of 13.4 C (56 F). The difference in other places was worse with a very cold winter followed by a very hot summer. Melbournians often complain about the weather because it’s not as nice as Sydney’s, but compared to other places it’s great.


Tucsan, Arizona may have spectacular desert scenery. But it also has spectacularly bad weather averaging temperatures in the mid-30s C (just under 100F) for three consecutive months. And yet almost one million people live there. Are the air conditioners better over there or something? It definitely makes a Melbourne summer seem positively delightful.


Anyway for more summer whingers see this:,21985,22982107-5000117,00.html.


(Okay, okay I admit it the weather in Seattle looks pretty mild, but for extreme temperature avoiders like myself Auckland, New Zealand is probably the place to go.)


2 thoughts on “Weather

  1. Personally, I’d take warmer weather over colder any day! And yes, we have wonderful air conditioning here.As for my little mishap, Ouch indeed!!! Actually, it was more like, “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”-Richard. 🙂

  2. True investigative news reporting…. well done mate!
    How about try Duluth, Minnesota… where I grew up?! See if you would want to live there hahaha…
    Now you know why I would live in California, eh?

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