I keep thinking about my hair. It seems like it is thinning around the temples and I’m only 22. No one else has noticed it yet, but there always seems to be strands of hair falling out here and there. My grandpa had lost most of his hair by the time he was 26 and my uncle/cousin on the other side were also heading towards bald on their way to 25. I know it’s not that bad; but it feels like it.


When I’m looking in the mirror I notice it and when I’m not I still occasionally think about it and it gets me down. Like what I wrote last time I know it’s irrational to an extent. But ‘I’ feel like it’s unfair. Why should I lose my hair? My body has too much hair on it and yet I’m losing it on my head. Then the question is, why do I have so much invested in my hair? Lots of people lose their hair, some earlier then 22. (I can remember a guy at high school whose hair was going when he was in year 12).


Tonight I found out my dad has diabetes, which he got because he inherited.  He eats and exercises so he is pretty healthy. My Mum’s mum has diabetes as well, so that seems like another thing I’m destined to inherit. Ugh.


2 thoughts on “Brittle

  1. G’day Chrisjb7,Good to see you are back. Contracting diabetes is not the most pleasurable thing one can go through and live with. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 25 and now I am 32. It seems that your dad has develop type 1 diabetes whereas, I have type 2. My type 2 diabetes most likely will disappear when I decide to loose some weight off my waist. I hope your dad is able to get is sugar under control. Cheers Nifty Boy (John.)

  2. My hair started thinning a few years ago. Last year I started using Rogaine which has helped. I’m thinking about adding Propecia. It reportedly can have some unpleasant side effects, but since I’m not married (get the picture?), what the heck? Am I vain or what?

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