Today on my way home from a friends place I had a brilliant idea to take a different route. Whoops. It may have been shorter, but it took longer and was windier, narrower and scary then I expected. It was also dusk to dark and while driving by a full moon through forests and rolling hills might seem kind of cool; trust me; it wasn’t. But it’s kind of rewarding to have done it. Even if it was kind of silly. Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one less travelled. Want to know maybe why there’s no popular poem that goes, two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one most travelled? Because he didn’t need to justify his excursion it was easy and fast and he got to where he wanted to be without needing to mediate on the journey. A good experience for driving, but probably bad for life. (I went on the about half of this

On Saturday I went with the family to,_Victoria Good times. I’ve added some pictures of the day.



2 thoughts on “Drive

  1. I’m jealous…forests, hanging rock…man…we have ASPHALT here…CONCRETE everywhere…I miss natural beauty.  Funny, years ago I had a vision of a beautiful place (and no, I’m not “losing my mind”).  It was one of those difficult times in my life…a long season….I remember the extreme weariness I felt and the sense that the Lord had prepared a place of refuge for me, a small cabin if you will, high in a mountain forest.  I walked in to find a candle lit on the table, a small but inviting bed just a few feet from the door, and a warm shower beckoning me.  Odd how a forest cabin quenched the thirst of my soul back then…

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