One day I will write an interesting (hopefully) blog about something more important then posts such as the last one and this one. But I need to trust xanga again. Whatever I mean by that.

Anyway this post is about something that annoys me and fascinates me. It seems a lot of people (four or so) are interested in what I do on nights after work. Like seriously people ask me this kind of thing. As if what I do must be really interesting. Then i feel like it should be more interesting then what it is. The answer is exercise/bike ride/ stretch/dumbbells, cook tea, then internet time, chat to people on the internet, perhaps listen to a sermon podcast and then be in bed by about 10.30pm for work the next day.

If I had been more proactive the answer should be exercise, play tennis in a competition, go to a small group, cook and maybe another group or something. Maybe I would feel better saying that. But i’m not sure what people expect me to say. Am I meant to be doing something really interesting and exciting?  I know plenty of people who waste (ahem use) their nights like me; some people even watch t-e-l-e-v-i-s-i-o-n.  

At night I would (occasionally) like to do indepth study and reading of things biblical, but after staring at a computer all day, thinking and reading. It’s not easy to concentrate. Once I even considered getting another job, but I didn’t like that idea either. If I write anymore I will be rambling; so this is the end.


3 thoughts on “After

  1. hahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I remember those days of people inquiring about my afterwork life.  Mine didn’t quite stack up with the afterwork bar crowd ro golf and bowling leagues.  Didn’t know if I should keep them informed of my AA meetings, SSA support group, prayer night, youth ministry, going to see foreign movies, etc.  So I’d find evasive ways to answer those who were more buttinskis, and share bits with others who seemed more sincerely interested depending on how well I knew them.

  3. It’s your blog…write it like you want!  

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