At high school, it was year 8 or something, and a mate said to me that another guy didn’t want to go to his sleepover because I was going and I was a snob. At the time I was surprised/hurt, and consoled myself that I was just shy. But, realization, sometimes I am a snob.


At work people say my name in conversation and I just ignore it. Like last week the sports reporter and the editor were talking. I was working at my computer in the same room. They were having a friendly, jocular conversation and you know how sometimes people just say your name to draw you in. Well the sports reporter said “Chris something”. Not to me, but so I would hear and I pretended I didn’t hear it. Why? Well I was trying to show I wasn’t eavesdropping, but then I ignored something I should have heard. Snob, I thought.


It’s weird how sometimes I have “realizations” about things that should have been obvious all along. It seems to happen a lot. I’ll think about something and for some reason 2 + 2 will equal 4 in a particular moment and wallah. I feel stupid.


Anyway so trying not to be a snob in ways I now realize are snobbish didn’t begin so well. A work mate asked me to lunch and then go play some golf thing, and I was like ‘uh’. Then I couldn’t decide whether to go or not. Then I said ‘no’. Why? Well because I wanted to have a day of freedom after a busy few weeks or so. So I guess selfishness. Later I also felt like a ‘snob’ because I said ‘no’ and wished I had have said ‘yes’.


To make up for this I decided I had to go to church instead. (I haven’t been going to any churches in the town where I work, but going to my old church every second weekend or so when I stay at my parents). I went and then someone, okay three people, asked me to go to their youth service tonight. And not being a snob I said ‘maybe’ and then later decided to. So I went and it was okay. They sang one of my favourite Hillsong’s To know your name and the guy speaking works on the rival newspaper, so that was interesting to hear. I avoided after service chit chat, which promised to be awkward and involve lots of shouting considering the likely sound level of the music video. But otherwise it was a good step out of snobbishness.  


8 thoughts on “Snob

  1. What’s your definition of snob?  From what your saying I don’t see a snob.

  2. hahahaahhhahahahaha…I thought you shy!!!!

  3. @Such_Were_You – What i’m saying doesn’t follow the dictionary definition of snob ie. thinks better of themselves than others. Snob in Australia has a more general meaning than the dictionary definition; to snob someone is to ignore them without reason. But I guess what I should have added was that now I understand how people could see me as snobbish. People might see me as friendly, okay sort of guy and then when I say no to something or ignore something they think i have “snobbed” them.

  4. @Chrisjb7 – perhaps you should say yes more often…Not that you should live your life according to what others think.   Perhaps the reason you “snob” people is because you’re afraid….is that possible?    I’d be willing to bet you’re not as bad a guy as you think you are.   You may need some practice for your social skills, but you’d surprise yourself.

  5. Based on reading your blog, you don’t seem like a snob at all. Others may misperceive your introversion for snobbishness; however, you can reverse that trend through taking a genuine interest in others. God bless.

  6. I may have asked this before, but, have you ever read the book If You Want to Walk on Water You Have To Get Out of the Boat?

  7. @Periannath – No I haven’t. I did want to read it years ago, but never did. I’ve read a couple of other John Ortberg books I didn’t mind. What’s the book like?

  8. Its about growing in faith.  In general I find it is about growing more as a person as a whole as well and many of the truths in it are beneficial for any walk we have, as well as growing into men.  

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