I WHINGE here so much; I should probably write something when i’m happy and relatively content. haha. So it’s August and the days are warmer and longer. I can get a decent bike ride in after work due to the day’s extended opening hours. Also It’s fun, and warm enough, to stand in the rain again and watch the trees and the grass be refreshed. And there was a beautiful big, truely massive, rainbow at the end of the street as I walked home tonight.

But it’s not just the weather. Recently I have had those moments when you realise that progress and improvement has been made. It’s in my writing at work and though there’s more important things to improve in, it is something. I can make my stories flow better then they did six months ago and I can see this improvement. Then this gives me confidence and other things improve as well.

There’s simple things as well. I’ve been reading out loud a bit lately to help with my articulation and expression and it has been helping. What I do is stick a news paper page to a mirror and then read a story out loud. Easy, but effective. And it probably doesn’t really help that much, but just gives me some confidence.

Anticipation also helps. I’m anticipating a good weekend and that makes the week easier. Except being happy is tiring. It’s like 8.49pm and I want to go to bed.


6 thoughts on “Happy

  1. I used to read the Bible out loud sometimes.  You might try that sometime instead of the newspaper. 

  2. @carleton1958 – Yeah I was doing a bit of that too. But the Bible is a lot heavier then a sheet of newspaper and therefore i can’t Blu tac it to the mirror.

  3. I’ve never “Whinge” before, but hey everyone to his own thing.   It sounds a little painful actually, so I wouldn’t think you’d do it that often   

  4. What kind of stories are you writing?I want to read them.I love stories.

  5. Finding joy in the small things is ultimately…a big thing.

  6. @Called_and_Confused – There like “general news” stories and feature articles for the newspaper. So news on farming, local events etc. And feature articles on people and what they do.

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