I don’t take criticism well. It’s like a character flaw or something.

Yesterday I did something mildly wrong when trying to get a comment about something off a government media advisor and then she rings up and has a go at me for two minutes. The thing is I felt justified in my assumptions, which led me to ask for information and only give her two hours to do it, which I knew she wouldn’t be able to do. But I doubted very much she would do it even if she had enough time, because it’s not the sort of thing they comment on.

It really got to me and it made me think no one has really criticised me in a while. I don’t necessarily think this is a good thing as I think because I don’t take criticism well people don’t give me slightly negative advice and eventually when they do have to criticise me it all comes out at once. But that has only happened a few times.

People sometimes say i’m defensive, but i’m a thinker so probably when I do something questionable I’ve usually justified it to myself before hand.

In the end it’s about pride. Pride is bad. Chris needs to kill pride.


One thought on “Criticism

  1. hahahaahahaha…nice ending!!!

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