Earlier this year my family (dad, mum, my younger sister and I) were going to a family friend’s 21st party none of us were that keen about. It was a dark, coldish night and the party was out the back and we were enterting via the front door where it was basically silent. Except none of us wanted to be the first person to enter who would have to lead the polite ‘hellos’ and so forth as we made our way to the action.

It’s always the little things…’cause about this time I noticed that the reason I always hang back in groups of people going somewhere or let someone else be the first step ahead if we’re walking to a destination, wasn’t neccesarily because I was polite. In fact I realised there was some nervousness about making a decision of direction, not wanting to be out in front and responsible in some way etc.

My dad always hangs back and lets my mum be the one ahead, and i’m sure sometimes he’s being polite and so forth. But at that party it struck me as weakness; similar to a limp handshake or something.

I was reminded of this when I was going to lunch with a mate on Thursday. I knew where we were going and he didn’t; yet I was still doing my one step behind thing. It was kind of awkward and then I remembered about my lesson on leading and put my front foot forward.


4 thoughts on “Lead

  1. Cool insights and observations.  It becomes transformative when we recognize such things and can make conscious changes – little steps in our transformation process.

  2. Interesting. I’ve had similar revelations, although I’ve discovered that I walk faster than others. I often wonder why a group is not closely following me (which tends to make me think twice about stepping out in the lead).

  3. Hey there. Thanks so much for the comment you left me. I too look forward to this new blogging experience in my life. I’m really praying hard that this is something God can use to help me finally start taking some steps in the right direction. Hope to hear from you again. Tom.

  4. That’s an interesting insight there Chris…one that I’m chewing on for my own life.  Dang.  You should be the therapist and I’ll try my luck at journalism!!! 🙂

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