How much does Chris hate it when he writes a longish post and then loses it…a lot. Doubly annoying when I was trying to find a way to copy it, in case I did lose it.

So I was listening to my favourite internet preacher, Matt Chandler ( a while ago and he was talking about the ‘ask, seek, knock’ passage in Luke and he was saying that part of getting healing or if we wanted something from God we needed to seek it. So for example if someone was dealing with emotional issues part of the way they would seek their healing would be by getting counselling. It’s stayed with me. And helped me over the past month or so.

I was seeking more activities to fill up my time after work instead of exercise, cooking and internet time, and I did some seeking by asking about a couple of sports and seeking out information by talking to people. After a few closed doors and dead-ends, which kind of surprised me ’cause I didn’t think I would have to prove how strong the desire behind my seeking was, I’ve found a couple of activities. I’ve been to a Christian small group a couple of times on Monday night. It’s different, we watched Joyce Meyer and I’m not really a fan, but it’s good to be out of the house and with other people. On Tuesday I played lawn bowls for the first time ever in a team from work. I was a bit hesitant to join, but am glad I did. Once I got the hang of the bias in the bowl and where I had to aim it to make it go where I wanted to I was okay. It’s a five week season, so hopefully I get a few more games.

I could also join a volunteer visting service if I wanted to fill in another night and I offered my services to the kids church at church so if that comes off it will fill in some more time with preparation and thinking; probably meetings as well. Forcing myself to go to a church I didn’t really like has been good for me. Now I know some more people I like the church because of that even if some of its culture and teaching annoys me still.

The other thing is I am almost in counselling. Though it took a lot more seeking then I wanted it too. I sent a couple of emails to church and I got no response. So then I asked a Salvation Army pastor I did a story on if he knew any male Christian counsellors in the area. He did. So I emailed the counsellor’s office and about a week later got an email back. I was told that if I got a referral from the doctor to the counsellor I could get discounted sessions through Medicare. So I made an appointment with a doctor; I thought I would have to give him my life story to earn the referral, but I didn’t. I was only in there for three minutes. I called the counselling office to make an appointment today and left a message.

So seek your healing brothers…


One thought on “Seek

  1. I’m glad things are on the upswing for you. Give Joyce Meyer a chance. She has a unique personality and a way of delivering practical, Biblical principles.

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