Fun on the farm

I’VE got three weeks off from work and am spending it at my parents property as it’s closer to the people I want to see and the places I want to go. Plus there’s the pantry and fridge are full of food. The dial-up internet is a challenge though.


It’s been great. I had a mate from high school who now lives in another state stay for a week and we saw some friends, did the Christmas shopping, went to the beach and played a bit of Xbox. Me and game’s consoles don’t go together. I didn’t win anything against him. On the weekend I did some hay bale carting with my dad, sister and her boyfriend, which was good physical work. Then there was Christmas week with family, gifts and food.


On Sunday I’m doing a sermon at church on Hebrews 12:1-3. It’s a pretty good passage to use near the beginning of a New Year “run the race with endurance” and all that. I’ve been trying to think of an ending to the talk that will bring it back to Jesus on the cross and our salvation. There’s more thinking to do on that one.


Well I should go for a bit of a bike ride to help with the digestion of the leftover pudding, cream and custard I enjoyed for lunch. Keep safe!


5 thoughts on “Fun on the farm

  1. Whoa.  Beach.  I forgot it’s summer down under.  Very cool.  Today my bro in law and I went snowboarding and it was -16 Celsius (that was the high).  Beach sounds good.Merry Christmas man.I’ll pray tonight (Saturday) as you talk on Sunday.  With the time zones…that could line up just about right.peace out my friend,drew

  2. @smith_drew – Thanks for the prayer! I’ve never been to a place as cold as -16 C in my whole entire life…Even when I went skiing once it was only -2 or -3.

  3. I agree with Drew, though it’s not as cold where I’m at, I still couldn’t imagine beach fun during Christmas time, haha. I’ll be praying for your sermon as well.

  4. Pudding…cream…AND custard?  Wow.  PTim.

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