Dot points in time

WATER IS MY DRINK OF CHOICE. I drink two to three litres every day. If I had my way I’d drink nothing else, but sometimes the milk is almost out of date or I bow to social expectations and take a tea, ice chocolate, hot chocolate, beer, soft drink or wine.


LITTLE THINGS MATTER. I try to go to male cashiers at the supermarket; just to build my confidence with men. It probably sounds stupid, but it makes me glad I didn’t wimp out and go to the old friendly lady who sounds sincere when she tells me to have a good night.


I’VE NEVER USED AN ATM. My old bank account was run by a supermarket chain, so I got cash out from the cashier, but it closed down and I changed banks. Now I can use ATMs without having to pay fees, but I’m scared I’ll stuff up and end up with a huge queue behind me.


BEING A TV NEWSREADER WAS MY DREAM JOB. When I was a kid it seemed kind of ‘sophisticated glamour’. I used to be obsessed with television news graphics and presenters. As I realised I’m not news anchor material; so has my interest in those things declined.


I’M KIND OF A BAD REPORTER ANYWAY. Mumble a lot, ask ambiguous questions, can’t find news stories. It’s funny being in a job I always wanted to do and not being great at it. Now I’m a strong supporter of careers education in high school. Someone should had have said to me, “Chris you’d make a good accountant. There are few higher callings then helping people pay less tax.” I think I’d make a damn good accountant too.


WORKING WEEKENDS CAN BE FUN. You get to drive around the region and take lots of pictures. This Saturday and Sunday I did two cricket games, a show (like a county fair I guess), a car/people mud run, horse racing, a big swap meet and interviewed a 17-year-old champion archer. Probably took 50 good photos.   


I’M A CHEAPSKATE. The freezer is full of bread discounted for $2 at the supermarket, I scan the catalogues to find a bargain and wouldn’t buy any jeans that cost more than $50. It runs in the family and my sister is as bad as me. Stinginess isn’t pretty so I’ve been trying to loosen up and spend some dough lately. Got more expensive Christmas presents then I usually would and sampled an $11.50 burger. It was awesome.


I DON’T BELIEVE IN MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE. Not even a little bit. I can’t start talking about it without writing a thousand words, but it just reminds me of the time people thought the sun rotated around the earth. The whole premise is based on the fact someone decided that because the earth’s temperature and carbon emissions were increasing at the same time they must be linked. Any first year psychology student will tell you correlation doesn’t equal causation.


I’M A FIGHTER. If I feel wronged I create elaborate strategies to defeat the enemy. Like when I’m not given a pay rise I should get. I’m also ultracompetitive. Every time I play board games or card games or even tennis with my family, my sister needs to remind everyone about some great tantrum I had when I went down in flames at some time or other. I don’t have tantrums on the outside anymore.


IT’S WEIRD WHEN PEOPLE CALL ME A MAN. I don’t know why. Lots of times mums tell their children, ‘look at the man’ when I’m taking their pictures for the paper. Or this funny kid on the train wanted gel in his hair and he saw my hair and whined, “mum, he has gel in his hair, does he have to ask his mum if it’s okay to do that?” “I don’t think so, he’s a big man.”


5 thoughts on “Dot points in time

  1. Okay…now THAT was a GREAT post!!!  You know Chris, I’ve read your stuff for years and have SUCH a different view of you than you have of you.  Didn’t see you as a cheapskate (my wife is frugal, I LOVE spending money), I can relate on the ATM phobia (which I thought was kinda unique), I’ve never believed that man claused climate change (I laugh when folks point out that the U.S.A used to be one big jungle till the ice age set into and then the seas rose and split our country in two!!!!……………sounds like a (un)stable climate to me!!!!!! 🙂(can’t wait to hear how the Earth First people are going to react to God’s Revelation Judgements against man and the earth)Dude…the whole water thing….I can’t relate.  Dude…if I could drink Diet Soda drinks all the time I would…but can’t…so I have water (which is SO plain tasting)Finally, I hate working weekends but I own my own business and drive around Los Angeles a lot all the time…and love every minute of it.anyways….thanks for the post!!!Casey

  2. $50 for a pair of jeans! Dang!  Never in my life.  Levis 560s on sale for what – maybe $31.99?  Maybe it’s the currency translation, or different price for Levis down under.  I’d be living large if I wore $50 jeans……but I love my Levis.Anyway, good post.  Always good to hear from you.

  3. @carleton1958 – Levis aren’t that price in Aus. Saw some for $120 last year. The cheapest jeans I could buy from K-Mart would be $25 or so; but slightly fashionable ones are prob $40 or so. From a small store the cheapest I saw them was $80. I’ll to come over to buy jeans one day, haha.

  4. wow, i think i would have a heart attack if i visited australia and saw the prices. i’d be broke in a day! do you know what the currency exchange is from US dollars? my favorite pair of jeans cost me $3 at a thrift store, and they were brand new! come to the states, man. you’ll feel rich. 

  5. @ananias22 – That’s cheap as! I think I remember reading in a tourist newspaper that clothes were inexpensive in the USA; don’t now why China is closer to us. I think the exchange rate is 67.7 Australian cents is one American dollar. In July last year they were almost the same, but then the economic stuff happened. This is cool It takes 14 mins to earn a big mac in Sydney compared to 13 mins in New York.

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