Joys of January

Been so hot here this week three days of plus 43C (107.6F). It was kind of fun in a way going outside from my air conditioned office into a wall of heat. It was dry heat and that helped too. Today is yucky and sticky. When I came back from the supermarket I was sweating heaps; grapes were on special though, which made it a worthwhile trip. It creates kind of a mild sort of ‘community’ with the hot weather. Everyone is experiencing a shared weather event and provides the opportunity for mindless conversations with people.

These past couple of weeks have been pretty good, which is probably why I haven’t felt the need to blog, haha. The heat has created a temptation to stare at passing cars for shirtless male drivers. I never fight these temptations when they first come, so I look for a while. Then I decide I should be taking some strong action against my wandering eyes, but by this time it’s become a moderate habit and it’s hard work to stop. With about 12 hours to go this month may be masturbation free. Counting not hatched chickens comes to mind, but anyway.

But mostly life is good. Work has been challenging and pretty interesting. When I try hard at work and give it my full attention it always seems to be more fulfilling. The colleagues have been good too. Been sharing some more about my same sex attraction stuff with a couple of friends, which has been productive and relationship building.

In the next month or so I should start helping with a new children’s ministry at the church for people aged between 12 and 13 or so. It’s meant to act as a bridge between children’s church and real church. And had a kind of Bible study format with some prayer, and learning about different parts of Christianity and church. Honestly, I don’t really feel called to this kind of ministry, but I want to serve and play a part and that is where the opening was. I have to get a working with children card and then I should be right to go. It will be interesting to see how it goes.


8 thoughts on “Joys of January

  1. 107F!!! That is off the hook.  Here in my part of the states it’s been in teens with highs in the 30’s, and that’s fahrenheit, not celcius.  You want to really break the habit of looking?  Start praying for the guy you are looking at.   Ask God to save him, pray that God meets his needs, ask God to bless him with friends and people who will love him, and not just want to use him for sexual lust.   You’re feelings will change so fast your head will swim.   Funny how when you’re praying for God to bless and do good things for them, the desire to use them sexually just melts away.  I’m glad things at work, and relationships are getting better.   Praying!BP

  2. 16.7 degrees Fahrenheit here, and our furnace went out last night, so it’s cold here (down to 57 degrees inside vs normal 68 or so….brrr…..  Waiting for the repair guy to come right now.

  3. @Chrisjb7 – I’m always here for you bro….thousands of miles away, but still here

  4. @Such_Were_You –   I tried praying like that for those whom I lusted and it is great advice but it is difficult to keep up all the time.  Thanks for the renewal.  Chris

  5. @Chrisjb7 – I like heat but that is probably too much of a good thing 107 F whew.

  6. @Iamsboy – You are right, but then the things in life worth having are always difficult.  God’s grace is always there for you, enabling/helping you to do what is right.   Good habits take practice, and eventually they become a part of you.   It’s just doing your part of what God calls us to do as those who struggle with sexual brokenness.   Keep it up and you won’t believe how much God will be able to open your eyes to the truth.Blessings,BP

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