These are the crazy times

I RODE over a snake on my pushbike on Tuesday; literally tyre rubber on black evil animal. I thought it was a twig until I zoomed over it. Luckily the 40cm long snake wasn’t in a chasing or striking mood. It just slithered its way into the grass after the altercation. In the past two years I have never seen a snake on that bike track, but in the past month I’ve seen two.

We had another earthquake yesterday. I was sitting in the office about 4.28pm and the walls shook for a few seconds and that was it. The first one was about three weeks ago and I was home alone. Same kind of thing with the house shaking. I thought that one was a big truck smashing into the big brick fence or something. But this time we all knew exactly what was happening. It’s different when your with other people. You all look at each other and your eyes say ‘what should we be doing?’ Both of the earthquakes were 4.6 on the Richter scale, so no damage, but plenty of frayed nerves. Everyone wonders if there’s going to be a massive one soon. Until a month ago I had never felt an earthquake in my life; now I’ve experienced two.

Also yesterday I went to a big national park, which forms the southernmost tip of mainland Australia. It’s about an hour and a bit from the office and I had to take some pictures of burnt trees as more than 25,000 hectares have been touched by fire in the last month and a half. I hadn’t been there since Year 9 camp. It’s a beautiful place and the fire has burnt quite randomly so there is green here and there as well as black and brown. In some places the whole area has been blackened; in others only the understory of bush is gone. I missed out on a helicopter ride to see the burnt areas from the air, but it looked pretty good from the ground as well. Nothing really crazy happened here, but it was different, and further away, to the kind of stories I usually do.


2 thoughts on “These are the crazy times

  1. Ewwwww! Gross me out with the snake…..ack!!! I’d freak…..I lived in Japan for a whole year and never experienced a quake.  I was so bummed.  I slept through one (well, I was hungover, to be honest).  Maybe some day.  They have had tremors here in Wisconsin, but again, I’ve never felt them.  So I’m jealous that you got to feel a real quake.

  2. @carleton1958 – It’s pretty cheap to fly to Australia at the moment. If you’re lucky (or predestined from the beginning of the world if you like) you might catch an earthquake before the plates start behaving themselves again, haha.

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