Earthly dazed

I asked the bosses to take 15 weeks holidays, so I could do a few subjects, so I can do the teaching course next year and I wasn’t allowed. It really frustrated and disappointed me, which means someone had, uh, a little too much hope in a silly earthly plan. James 4 next time, buddy. It was such a beautiful plan, study while I’m on ‘holiday’ and then come back to the newspaper and work five months before studying again. It was beautiful ’cause my bank account was going to be boosted by five figures compared to option B. Quit, study, then hopefully find a job for a few months, and then start the teaching course. Ugh…

By the way I love this prayer of Matt Chandler’s:

“Father, I have such hope in my heart for our young men in here. I have such hope that we might be watchful and that we might be strong and that we might love and encourage and speak well of our wives, and that we might love and encourage and rebuke and be part of a discipline of our children, and that we might be hard workers at home and at work, and that we would be men who love our Sabbath. We love that day off, but in the other six days, we war. And it’s going to take You working powerfully in us, because our broken self is going to make us want to think about us and what we’ve earned and what we’re owed. We’ve got a thousand other people whispering in our ears things that are contrary to the gospel call in our lives. I praise You that You’ve given us enough grace and enough strength to be the type of men You’ve called us to be today. And so, may we tap into that strength to ask for forgiveness where we need to ask for forgiveness. And may we, in the morning, ask for the strength to get through tomorrow. And I thank You that there’s really deep joy and really deep life and a lot of vitality and fulfillment in being a man. And as difficult as it is, as exhausting as it can be at times, O the glory that is created in homes and in children and in workplaces when we submit to You. So make us stronger than we are, and make us braver than we are. It’s for Your beautiful name. Amen.”



One thought on “Earthly dazed

  1. Hi Chris,Sorry to hear things haven’t worked out for you as planned.  That sounded like a great plan.  I know it’s hard, but try not to give up on the dream.That is a great prayer, on so many levels.Be God’s, pal.T.

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