Working on the weekend, involving driving around the region and taking pictures, is one of the most interesting parts of my job. In honour of my forthcoming resignation I thought I’d take a look at a working weekend.


SAT 10.23am
After laying in bed until 8.30am and then interneting for a couple of hours it’s time to get ready!

SAT 11.02am
Food for six hours. I didn’t end up eating the noodles.

SAT 11.12am
Work car given a beautiful blue stripe by a kind stranger.

SAT 11.52am
Running slightly late…and I haven’t even taken any pictures yet.

SAT 12.34pm
Nothing like the official opening of a synthetic bowling green.

SAT 12.35pm
Squinting all day is a pain.

SAT 11.40pm
The good people at VicRoads are wrong. You can easily do 85km on this corner.

SAT 1.11pm
The hills are alive with the sound of munching during my 40 minute drive to the next event.

SAT 1.24pm
Fuel stop. Thankfully someone else is paying for me to use a V6 engine like it should.

SAT 1.52pm
Definitely won’t miss trying to photograph netball. It’s all grunt and no grace.


SAT 2.20pm
Woot got a good pic. Sometimes the averageness of the lenses conspires against me.

SAT 2.37pm
Take lots of backs, so I can match number to name later on.

SAT 2.54pm
On the road again; I can’t wait to get on the road again…Notice I’m going 20km/h below the speed limit for the picture.

SAT 3.23pm
The fine art of arriving at the football at half time leading to a 20 minute wait for play to start again.

SAT 3.26pm
Holding the camera, while I take a picture of me holding a camera with my phone camera.

SAT 3.57pm
A great shot, except it’s out of focus. Tear.

SAT 3.59pm
This one worked a little better. All it needs is some cropping.

SAT 4.15pm
94.3 and 97.9 Star FM

SAT 4.34pm
Free milo back at the office, mmmmmmmmmmm.

SAT 5.20pm
Post-weekend work ritual of heading to the supermarket to check for bakery discounts.

SUN 6.45am
Even the street lights are still on.

SUN 7.10am
Check picture instructions for first ANZAC Day event.

SUN 7.34am
Make notes on groups that have laid wreaths to remember war warriors.

SUN 7.39am
It’s so early the sun is hardly up.


SUN 7.53am
They’re packing fruit and vegetable’s for their environmentally sustainable food program. Interesting.

SUN 7.58am
Guess you don’t eat organic veggies ’cause they look pretty.

SUN 8.34am
Toilet break.

SUN 8.45am
Punch buggy in front of me.

SUN 8.48am
Punch buggy now behind me.


SUN 8.57am
Eating food out of boot. I know, it’s not my best photo.

SUN 9.18am
Every town seems to have it’s own ANZAC Day commemoration. Thankfully I only have to go to three. It could have been much worse.

SUN 9.21am
Time check. Still nine minutes until the march is meant to start. A chance to ponder the universe and other mysteries.

SUN 9.26am
They started early. I was alert and not alarmed.

SUN 9.59am
Open highway.

SUN 10.02am
I really did yawn before I took photos of myself pretending too.

SUN 10.28am
She closed her eyes, but I took lots. Not much can be done about the babychange room sign. Bad photographer.

SUN 11.06am
Battery 1= flat. Change to battery 2 = flat. Change to battery 3 = flat also. Use phone camera. Win.

SUN 11.15am
ANZAC Day has been covered. Now to process photos.

SUN 1.23pm
It takes a long time.

SUN 1.45pm
Two days. 200km. Six towns. 12 hours. Done.


7 thoughts on “

  1. I LOVED this post.  Loved seeing you in action and a work day through your eyes and comments.Now, what is “Milo”?   And “punch buggy” was a new term.  I’ve only ever heard them called “beetles”, or as my kids like to say every time we see one, “slug-a-bug”.

  2. This is a very good autobiographical picture essay of an important working weekend in your life!  And it illustrates one of the final weekends in a job which has meant a lot to you. You have developed your ability as an effective photo-journalist, and you’ve given your readers here a real treat and a revealing insight into your life and engaging personality!  Thanks Chris!

  3. @carleton1958 – Glad you liked it! Milo is chocolate/sugar granules that about two heaped teaspoons is added to milk and stir for a delicious, mild energy kick. I love it. Punch buggy is where you see a beetle and punch someone; not that I had anyone to punch. I guess that’s the same as slug-a-bug, just a different name. Cool advert on the concept here:

  4. You’re weekend certainly seems more exciting than mine. Thanks for sharing this!And thank you for your prayer.

  5. Great photo essay. Thank you for sharing. The rolling hills look fantastic. Nice new profile pic, too! God bless.

  6. Great photo of country Victoria in your shots. It reminds me of a family holiday we took many years ago. We travelled all around country Victoria. It is so beautiful. Those hills remind me of were I am now living in The Northern Rivers area of NSW. It seems that you really enjoy your job. And you can’t be a cuppa of Milo either! So what are your plans for work after leaving your current job?  

  7. I’m really missing you Mr. Chris.   No preasure, just wanted to say I’ve missed you. 

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