Winter days

TO be honest I’m loving my time here at my parents. Sure, it’s still the honeymoon, as it’s only a couple of weeks in, but it’s a good one. Good things: country location, cooking, man work, fast internet, time to think, pets and family.

Surprisingly, I welcome the return to the country after three and a half years in town. The view out my bedroom window, where I have my computer and do my studies on the internet, is trees and grass and paddocks. During my bike ride around country roads there’s hardly a car or truck in sight, and in the distance mountain ranges create a picture perfect backdrop. Almost every time I see them I stare with a goofy half smile.

And the cooking. When you’re renting a room in someone else’s home, you can’t just borrow some flour. But at mum’s I can and do. Perfect yo yo biscuits were followed by perfect choc chip cookies. I even weighed each biscuit at 20 grams before they went in the oven. You might call that being fussy; I like to think of it as baking to the glory of God. And before you worry about whether I bring enough testosterone to the kitchen I made meatballs and stir fry chicken as well.

Then there’s the man work. Last week I must have spent four hours mowing the lawn. I love mowing the lawn. So many life changing thoughts happen, possibly because of the heightened state caused by the fuel fumes, but that doesn’t change the fact it happens. I love pushing the mower, it makes me feel alive. Yesterday one of dad’s cows was lying on the ground and she couldn’t get up because she is so fat. So we put on our gum boots and went out to “Barrel Cow” to give her a push up. (see her pic below)

Pets. I have a dog. His name is Spot. When I’m studying he comes and taps on my bedroom door. I lift him up (he’s old) on my bed and there he stays keeping me company as I write assignments, listen to lectures and read books. My parents’ also have two kittens: Tom and Jerry. They are so full of vigour. Outside are six roosters that crow repeatedly though every day their clothesline beheading draws nearer.

My dad is such a practical man. Like tomorrow his uncle is coming to visit, and him and my mother need to clean their messy home and Dad says “I guess being 92 he’ll want to go down the toilet”. He’s such a realist. I love it. I’m getting on good with my parents. They adore my presence in their home. What can I say? I can’t help being me.

Spare time. It’s amazing. I had a couple of periods earlier this year where every minute seemed to be allocated. One of the most important things in my life is having time I can do anything I want to. As it’s probably due to deep seated emotional issues feel free to pray for me. Anyway, now I have free time. Go with a couple of friends on a two hour train ride into the country for no particular reason. Check. Plan to go to beach with friends an hour away one day. Check. Think about movies to go see with two free tickets. Yeah, baby. (There are no good movies coming out before their September 30th expiry date in case you were wondering). Ponder issues of sexuality and openness and God and so on. Yes.

I know what you’re thinking. These very things you love right now you’re going to hate soon. That day’s coming that’s for sure, but until then I’m enjoying and resting in it.

By the way brothers, thanks so much for your feedback and sympathy on my last post. There was more than 3000 words of it and I appreciated it all.


2 thoughts on “Winter days

  1. And 1/3+ of those words were mine.   No one can ever accuse me of being short on words   “Home,” as the old saying goes, “is where the heart is.”    It is also where the heart of our deepest emotional problems lie.   I pray that during your time with your parents that what has always been God will begin to change for you.   There is the way you live your life at “home”, but God has a new way which can overcome the old.   Do not fall back into the old way of Chris, but allow God to show you His new way for that old and familiar place.   You do not have to be a disciple or victim of what was.  You are a disciple of Christ who is victor, the new has come, and the old has passed away.Blessings,

  2. @Such_Were_You – Thanks Lonnie. Living here after so long I am definitely aware of those kind of things. For example the things my parents do that annoy me, which now I seem to do. These negative actions and ways of relating then become things I have to fight to make sure I don’t do myself and thus repeat the unhealthiness.

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