Coming out

SOMETHING weird happened at uni today. As a get to know you exercise the tutor got us to speak to someone and try to discover three things the same and three things different.
So I was doing it with this guy and we had found a few similarities and differences and then he goes “do you like women?” and I kind of froze and he goes “oh you don’t?” and I said “uh, kind of not”.

It was a weird moment. As I don’t usually tell people I was kind of rocked straight after it happened, but I was surprisingly calm an hour later. I’m not going to do anything about it, but it happened.


9 thoughts on “Coming out

  1. Kind of LOL, but only because it happened to me one time.  Years ago a certain guy, straight as an arrow, read me like a book and took me totally by surprise when he made the assertion.  He wasn’t mocking or anything, just kind of a recognition.  Hoe you’re okay after what happened.

  2. Ha wow. Ya I dont know what I would do if I was put on the spot like that either. Probably have that stunned look on my face where the person would know without me even having to say lol. Glad you are feeling ok about it. Did he ask you any other questions about this after or did he just let it be?

  3. Oh how Awkward! I probably would have reacted similarly because it would have been such an unexpected question that caught me off guard, and if you pause it kind of gives it away.

  4. Haha, I feel like I would have done the same thing had someone asked me that. Or I would have lied and turned red / started blinking tears. Hope it’s all good now!

  5. Props to you my friend.  I’m sure I would have lied.  ugh.  I’m impressed.

  6. Love this dude!  Chris, your honesty and courage are commendable.  May you grow to recognize the strength that He’s put inside of you.

  7. Good for you Chris!  You are indeed honest and courageous! May God bless you greatly and make your life a great blessing to others around you! God is in you and with you and making your life a great blessing to all of us!

  8. I had a similar situation a few years ago that happened in front of several co-workers, but it was slightly less direct and hidden by a joke. Some of us were in a conversation and one guy just asked me, “What do you think of my butt?” I became uncharacteristically silent and he exclaimed, “Now I know how to make you shut up!” Everyone laughed, but I think I communicated by not communicating.

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