Inappropriately hard

SOMETIMES I get a slight erection when I’m doing somethingmanly or in some situations involving healthy friendship relating with a man.

It weirds me out. I’m like, ‘ugh, this shouldn’t behappening…I’m not thinking anything sexual; I’m not doing anything sexual andyet blood seems to be going down there.’

I’ve tried, ‘brain stop sending the blood there now’ butthat doesn’t seem to work very well, haha.

Annoyingly it seems to happen more when I’m not looking atporn or masturbating for several weeks. It’s like ‘hi Chris, here’s a little raise for being good…’

 It’s annoying me so much that here I am writing about it on xanga. Iknow other people have this experience too, so I’m wondering does anyone knowhow to prevent it happening? And the reason I am asking this is because I wantto chuck myself into more manly situations without needing to worry aboutwhether it’s going to go noticeable.


10 thoughts on “Inappropriately hard

  1. Thanks for exposing yourself and demonstrating your vulnerability.  I can imagine this was a bit of a tricky one to put out there.Bless ya mate.T.

  2. Maybe consciously you’re doing “man’s work” yet subconsciously you think you’re not adequately capable of doing “man’s work” so that divide is causing a subconscious fear (inadequacy/difference/doubt) and that subconscious fear is causing the subconscious thrill and that subconscious thrill is causing you to get hard…There’s always a divide of sameness (mundane, feeling secure in knowing it’s okay) vs newness (exciting, yet potentially feeling you might be doing wrong in doubt) and if that divide does not achieve a feeling of sameness (a mundane feeling of security in knowing it’s okay and assured in who you are and your capabilities) then it causes the external thrill…If this makes any sense…

  3. I’ve noticed that too. Whenever it happens, I remind myself of what we were taught in health class: that it happens from time to time. It’s just the body’s way of making sure everything works. The timing is inconvient, and it is a temptation for sure, but trying to stop it might not be the solution. What I am trying to say is, it might be nothing. Under constant stimulation of porn or masturbating, it gets enough “exercise.” Without that, it goes back to it’s normal cycle. (I once read that normally men average one erection per day though it usually occurrs at night.)  It might just be that you notice it more because of what you are doing. Maybe you should track them in general. If they do happen more in these situations than other various times, then definitely go to God about it.

  4. So I saw the title of this and was ready to make some innuendo-dripping comment about the title… then I realise that’s actually what you’re talking about!Aint hormones grand?I think you’re pretty normal man. Not that it’s not awkward… but you’re not weird for it!Especially when you’ve got the hormones flowing around cause you haven’t jerked off for weeks, you’re doing something that may have been part of a sexualised ideal for you in the past, and you’re relaxed.As far as what to do about it… I got nothing! Just ride it out?

  5. @Watanuki10 – dude, one per day? Serious? I’m either way outside the average, or later in life once I’m married is going to suck because I’ve used all mine up!

  6. @stilljourneying – Yeah, I was totally wrong. It varies by age group. Men around my age (23) average ~ 10 a day.  

  7. Lol at this post and the comments.  I haven’t taken on this subject on my blog yet.  Yeah, occasionally I’ll get an erection at work while working on some real geeky IT thing sitting at my desk and computer, from some random thought and/or attractive guy that I’ve noticed that day.  I’ll usually just stay at my desk and “ride it out” as @stilljourneying recommends.  So far it hasn’t been noticed by anyone.

  8. Totally normal, at least to me, for a guy in our sort of situation.It’s a bit weird, because, yeah, been there.  In fact, still there.  It happened yesterday a couple of times.

  9. You are being overly concerned over something that is just natural.  I know it may and does happen at the most odd times, with no outward stimulation, but I think it is part of being just a normal guy.  When we’re around others it quickly subsides since we become nervous to a point.  “Men around my age….”, that made me smile since I’m definitely over 23 and it happens to me, lets us know we’re alive guess you could say!

  10. I believe that it has cost you quite a lot to write such a straightforward and honest series of blog posts as you have been doing li’l bro!Though I’m not a medical professional I had experienced nearly eighty years of life here on the planet and know a thing or two about sex.  One of these is that even thinking about sexual matters will tend to contribute to an erection in a young man.  Another is that all of us men tend, without even realizing that it is happening, have repeated erections of our  penises during the night while we are innocentlysleeping.  God must have given us this  propensity because there is a reason we need to have these frequent involuntary stiffenings of our penises.  So there’s nothing wrong about this at all.And we need feel no guilt about something that God has made natural for us to do.God has been very good to all of us including me.  I think we just need to not make a bigger thing of this habit than we should.  Just thank Him for His forgiveness and keep on going.  I think we should ask Him to help us not to fantasize about our fellow males and just to remember that Jesus Christ is the absolutely  perfect male! We are to worship Him with true awe and trust Him for His enablement.You are a truly manly young fellow (and enviably honest) in my opinion, and I thank God for you!

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