Pretty happy

I love teaching.

It’s like I’m home. I get to plan the best ways to engage and help students learn. I get to interact to with the same group of people day after day. I get to lead a classroom and be a public speaker. I get to joke with kids. It’s cool.

I did have a couple of bad weeks where I felt totally out of my depth and I was questioning why I was doing it, but that has passed.

I think I’m doing okay at the actual helping students learn stuff part. This can be kind of tough as the curriculum is quite structured, so there sometimes isn’t the time to wander off and spend a couple of periods doing stuff.

One of the deputy principals came and watched a class the other week and she was really happy with it, which is nice. I get good feedback from what people say other people say, haha.

My colleagues are all friendly. My mentor teacher is cool. Some of the stuff that happens behind the scenes is totally the stuff of television drama unfortunately. I better not put it in writing here. Another thing I dislike about teaching is that it is kind of gossipy. I don’t like that anywhere. It can be kind of off putting and I need to make sure I’m not sucked in by it. My favourite part of teaching is being in the classroom and teaching. Anything other than that such as sports days and meetings are a bit tedious.

I did go on the Year 7 camp to central Victoria about a month ago. That was a lot of fun.

One thing I really, really don’t love about teaching is the weekends. A hectic week leaves me somewhere on the continuum between exhausted and very tired when my parents come to visit or I go out with work colleagues on a Friday night or I catch up with friends. The tiredness has also contributed to several weekend incidents with porn in the last month and a half. It’s the worst for me when I have just the right combination of tiredness and boredom. The thing is if I wasn’t tired I wouldn’t be bored because I’d go out and do something. It’s a vicious cycle and something I need to manage better.