Nude photography

Well, now Revohor is gone I guess someone else has to talk about this kind of stuff, haha.

His honesty on things that are rarely talked about has been helpful to me and has given me the freedom to explore things that I would previously have considered unsafe or wrong. I’m not saying that has necessarily been a good or bad thing, but it is something that has occurred.

One of the things that interested me was his posts on photography and particularly the fact that he has photographed himself naked. As a keen amateur photographer some of my interest in this has come from that direction.

So I was pondering the idea of taking some nude photographs of myself. Gasp; horror; I know. And then last night I was tired after work and just wanted to do something chill, but not as lazy as watching tv, so I took my clothes off and got my camera out and went for it.

The emphasis was on trying to capture an artistic (rather than pornographic) nude shot and it was a good challenge. I didn’t find it sexual at all.

You might be wondering why I’m even sharing this…

The thing is when I put the pics on my computer I smiled. Because I saw a man’s body. A pretty decent man’s body. And the man’s body was mine! I’m a man. I’m smiling now.

I don’t know. Maybe I was stuck viewing my body as a 14-year-old, which is the last time I probably really engaged with it. I was a bit overweight, a bit pasty, little muscle definition and it wasn’t something I was proud of.

Today I’m not overweight, I’m a little bit toned and, yeah, it’s something I’m happy with. I’m a man with a man’s body. Smile.

It took some nude photography for me to appreciate this.

So I guess, thanks Revohor, wherever you are. It’s been helpful for me.

I did consider whether it would be helpful to share this, but perhaps there are others out there who have done or considered doing the same thing.

I wouldn’t discourage it or recommend it. It obviously has its risks.

But God made me a man. I’m a man when I have clothes on and I’m taking initiative and serving and leading and learning, and I’m a man when I’m naked and the structure of my body and the muscles and, yeah, that little dangly thing as well, scream MAN!!


9 thoughts on “Nude photography

  1. Indeed, we need to be able to have open and frank discussions about these things. If the body truly is a temple, then it needs to be treated as such, whether nude or clothed. As long as that is kept in mind and it is not degraded or perverted by sin, I think there is a good deal of lee way.

  2. I’ve wrestled with perceiving myself as an adult; I usually see myself as a teen when I’m not.  Recently, however, I started going to the gym and tracking my progress on a fitness website.  This progress tracking includes uploading before & after photos.  When I took photos of myself, I didn’t notice anything.  When I uploaded them on the fitness website, however, I have to admit I was shocked.  I’m not anywhere near what I want to look like after working out consistently for years, but I was surprised to see that I was much closer to my ideal than what I saw in the mirror each day.  It’s incredible how we perceive ourselves in the mirror vs how we look in a photo, exposed.  I wasn’t naked, but I still can relate to what you are saying!

  3. Haha, I love that you’ve picked of the mantel of Revohor!I’ve grown up with cameras so I was bound to take some naked shots of myself eventually, right? lol Anyways, it wasn’t anytime recently so it didn’t have any significant impact on me and I probably was only doing it for the wrong reasons.But lately, I’ve been checking myself out in the mirror with the same sort of mindset that you’ve described, where the conclusion is an affirmation, acceptance, and contentment of self. There’s something powerful about acknowledging where you’re at and being at peace with it. I think if we’re able to overcome and weather the internal storms then we’re much more secure and stable for the external life circumstances. I turned 26 a few months ago and the theme I chose for this year of my life was “Becoming An Adult” which I’ve now modified to include “Being A Man.” Building off of what @noxas0589 – said, it’s not that I’m not, in fact, an adult or Man but rather that I don’t see myself as such. I feel like my perception of myself is still that of a little orphaned boy, maybe a teenager at best, and I’m suffering from severe arrested development. A lot of this “becoming a man” thing has required redefining, in my own words and values, what I truly think it is to be a man. What makes a boy a man? I don’t think it’s physical stature, financial stability, tangible possessions, or anything else that culture might dictate. It’s not having the correct hobbies and interests or deciding to dress a certain way. It’s not something you have to prove to anyone or even earn. Instead, being a man, for me, means making the courageous decision to embrace vulnerability and authenticity. To not live in fear of the unknown. To push through the difficulty of life. To not become defeated in your inner spirit.  To recognize your self-worth and value and find contentment with it.So I don’t want to live a life that shaped and guided by fear and insecurities. I’m not going to avoid making important choices simply because I’m afraid of the potential outcome. I’m going to face down the giants shadows that hinder me. I’m going to make powerful decisions and follow through on my word. I’m committed to continual growth and perseverance. And if I fall or trip, so be it. At least I’m falling forward! I’m not going to chase the approval and affirmation of others just so I can temporarily and conditionally feel good about myself!Yeah, all that to say… good post and thanks for being bold enough to share. That’s what makes a true man!

  4. With this title not only are you following in Revohor’s footsteps, but also TwoBeckonings. Remember his post titled “Penisfest”? He definitely got a lot of readers with that one.In my case, I don’t think nude photography would be good for me. I am over 40, more than 30 pounds overweight and I have lost what little muscle definition I once had. Also, I accepted my manhood a long time ago. I think any photography I do should be on what I see as beautiful, and I believe most people would agree that I should look for beauty other places…I don’t want you guys to think I have bad self-esteem issues, I just find my self-worth in other places instead of my appearance.

  5. I passed this on to Revohor by email.  I thought he’d get a chuckle out of being mentioned.

  6. @noxas0589 – That’s great man! It’s cool you’re regularly photographing yourself. It’s really the only way to notice gradual change. If I had have thought about it it would have been cool to take a full body pic once a week since I was 18. It would make an awesome timelapse. One thing I’ve found this year is that looking good following workouts is more about making sure I have a very little fat rather than big muscles. I got chest definition for the first time ever and it’s not because I didn’t have muscles there, but because I didn’t have that small layer of fat covering the muscle. 

  7. @Andthistooshallcometopass – Glad you’re coming to love your body hair! And yeah, thanks heaps, for the thoughtful comment. It was good to read and process. I think being a man is a lot about pushing through the difficulty and not giving up. It’s easy to whine, but hard to man up. 

  8. @MxxR – Yeah, it’s silly to base worth on the body. As you say one day it’s going to start a downhill run.

  9. @MxxR – Yeah, it’s silly to base worth on the body. As you say one day it’s going to start a downhill run.

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