To go back and do it all again

The class of 2013 at the school I teach at only has a couple of weeks left of schooling (our school year is different here) and considering my own last year of high school is now 10 years ago, it has got me thinking. Looking at them I think of the potential. They have their whole life ahead of them and they are yet to start making choices that restrict them. It’s all open.

I feel that 10 years on; I’m landlocked to some degree. I’ve made my choices and two degrees and two jobs later, I’m somewhat limited to where I go next. I’ve got a house and mortgage, which again limits me geographically (or at least for a while). Being limited has its benefits, of course.

If I could go back I think I’d do it differently. I would head to the big city instead of a small regional university and I’d study something differently and I’d take more risks.

I guess I’d do it all differently because I’m different. I’m not the fearful 18-year-old embarking on the safest and most secure route possible. I’m more confident and optimistic and forward looking. I wish I could have been that way then.


I’m willing to do something a little crazier now. If, for some reason, I don’t have a job at the end of next year, I think I’d like to go and teach English at some school overseas in the middle of nowhere. I’d really do it this time too.

Also my adult-man garden is looking good with the start of spring with the sweet peas flowering…




4 thoughts on “To go back and do it all again

  1. Don’t think of yourself as limited! you CAN sell your house and take a job in a big city. It will take a lot of work to make it happen, but don’t just live with the regret of never trying. Of course, you need to be sure it is worth the cost to you, but it would be worth it to me!

    By the way, those sweet pea blossoms are beautiful. They are worth all the effort they required, aren’t they?

    • I meant more that I wish I had have moved to the city at age 18. I did end up living in the city a few years ago and it was great, but not worthwhile staying. I’m so busy these days, I wouldn’t have time to make friends or enjoy it even if I did.

      Thanks, gardening does feel like a lot of effort until they all flower.

  2. We both seem to have had this sort of thing on our minds lately. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Don’t be a stranger.

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