We’re on each other’s team

I know it’s been a while. It’s almost summer holidays, so I promise the frequency will increase.

There’s few things more comforting and life giving than knowing that we’re not alone. Particularly when times are hard it’s good to know that someone else also finds it hard. I feel that the hardest thing is not always that life can be difficult, but that life can be difficult and we feel alone in that. The lone warrior. The forgotten son. The one who stayed home and did everything right.

I have a good friend I met through xanga back in 2010. Then we were blessed enough to be able to hang out for a few days back in 2011 and I’ve booked flights to the USA next June, so hopefully we’ll meet again in person.

We’re both at similar life stages although he is a few years older than me. We are stable in our careers, paying off mortgages, and tried dating a woman and are now working out how to be single.

We also both deal with a similar frustration with ourselves and our inability to be something more; to be making a real difference to others, to be walking in purity, to be happy and whole.

A few weeks ago we had one of our semi-regular skype catch-ups and it was such an encouragement. It was such sustenance for a wearied soul. Ultimately, I think the helpful thing was that it reminded me that I was not alone. I am not the only person in a present situation that is, to use that famous phrase, not necessarily turning out to  my advantage.

It almost feels wrong that such kinship can cause such refreshment.

There is a more positive take on this. For some reason it’s always easier to see the potential in others more than myself. When I talk to my friend I think of all the great things he can be doing with his house and his singleness and his time. I think of how much better things will be for him when he defeats temptation. I think of what an asset to the kingdom of God he is. Then I realise this is my potential to.

I’m often alone (minus the times those times when I’m surrounded by 25 teenagers) and occasionally I’m lonely. Moments of connection remind that this is untrue and that we’re on each other’s team.


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