Here’s to 2014!

The post-xanga world can sometimes be a difficult one. For the first time since 2006, I have not written an end of year review. Primarily, because, I didn’t have anything particularly interesting to write that I have not already communicated previously. So I will share some hopes and ambitions for this year.

– My third year of teaching high school is going to be amazing. (hopefully…) Malcolm Gladwell may state that excellence is reached after 10,000 hours of doing something, but it’s going to be 1480 in this case. I feel like I have the basics under control somewhat and now I can start focusing on some of the important things that aren’t needed for reports and parent teacher nights, but make a real difference in student learning and classroom happiness. I’m always very enthusiastic about teaching on vacation, because once I’m teaching I’m too tired to care as  much.

– I may have looked at porn for the last time. Unfortunately it was yesterday and involved rather a lot of looking over a long time, but, uh, I’m sick of it. It’s not helpful or healthy.

– I will draw nearer to God. Bible reading, prayer and passion need to make a consistent return.

– I don’t know what’s happening with same sex attraction in 2014. I feel like it’s not a big deal. It impacts on me greatly and how I live my life, but I’m quite settled in the fact I may never marry a woman and that I could be single for the rest of my life. Forty weeks of the year I’m too busy to notice much absence. The other 13 a special someone would be nice though. I like to think of myself as post-SSA. It’s not that I don’t think guys are hot anymore, but that this doesn’t occupy much concern on my part.

– I will continue to enjoy creating spaces in my home. Fifteen months of part-homeownership (the banks owns the rest) has given my plants time to grow and create some green spaces that communicate life and vitality. I will continue to work on this. I have recently taken up vegetable garden of which I am sure to mention more about later. My home is also feeling more complete now I have faux leather bar stools to go with my faux leather dining chairs with black glass table, which are now complimented by a clock with a black face and brushed silver metal casing. I even decorated my homeroom for next year. It’s very masculine with a blue and black theme.

– These spaces will continue to be used by friends and family at meal and other times. My outdoor space was a brilliant setting for dinner with my family a few weeks ago. Still warm weather, sparkling red wine glasses, baubles hanging above and surrounded by green life. Tonight I have a few friends coming for roast chicken.

– I was watching Julia and Julie the other day and was almost inspired to have the goal of making a new cookie recipe a week for the year, but I don’t want to need another goal regarding weight loss. (A similar goal I won’t make is the one where I promise to blog every five days all year long.)

– My three weeks in Chicago in June/July is going to be awesome. There is so much to do in that city in summer. If anyone wants to meet up in the windy city, perhaps you’d like to join me in the butterfly haven or have tacos or have a drink at a rooftop bar or at LAX for a few hours, let me know. I always love meeting people.

– I need to make some new local friends. I have plenty of friends, but not the sort that are available for Saturday night dinner at two days notice. That is somewhat unrealistic, but it would be cool to have a coffee partner or a tennis opponent every now and then.

Thanks to Gentleman’s Weekly for inspiring me regarding the beauty of simple dot points.