My wonderful early autumn days

Life is good right now. It feels like I’m in a season of peace and consolidation.

This afternoon someone from my small group was baptised and it was a wonderful afternoon of food and fellowship and a warm and fresh air.

Usually by this time of the school term I’m so tired that I’m lucky to be emotionally present anywhere on the weekend, but this afternoon I was fully present. It feels like either, after two years, I’ve adjusted to the pace of teaching and it’s not exhausting me so frequently. I’ve also been trying to get up at 6am everyday and be at work about 7am to do a couple of hours before work starts then working Saturday morning as well, which has meant that often I’m coming home at 5pm and I can chill or do something else for the night.

Part of it is also because I’m in a season of not succumbing to sexual temptation, which is the first time it’s been sustained for 31 days in a fair while. Sure there were some withdrawal symptoms early on, but now I feel that not giving into sin is allowing me to be more emotionally present as I’m not spending my energy on my desires. I wonder whether it is really true that not sinning can make such a difference…but it’s one of the things that has changed in the past few days.

School is going well. I actually feel as if I’m teaching quite well this year. I’m like a proper teacher now. My classes are all wonderful. It’s only week 5, so they really only start playing up about this time, but I’m hopeful, haha.

It’s such a beautiful time of the year. The temperature has been between 23-30 most days (ie 73-86 F) and it’s still light at 8pm. My garden is at its peak for the year. Everything is green and beautiful. All my vines are growing and creating feature walls here and there. I love walking around my garden at 7pm on these warm evenings. When I bought this place 15 months ago, there was a few rose bushes and a nectarine tree, but now there are probably a hundred plants. The veggies are also growing. There’s about 40 little capsicums (bell peppers) in progress. The past month or so I haven’t bought any veggies as I’ve been eating cucumber, beans, snow peas, cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden.

I’m sure seasons will change, but this is a good one right now.



2 thoughts on “My wonderful early autumn days

  1. Your garden looks wonderful! I like it when you post photos of your home.

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