Garden days

It’s school break time again! The last few weeks of term always result in steadily increasing exhaustion, so extra sleep and a change of pace is welcome.

My first two days were spent in the garden and hard physical work is good for the soul after a few months of mental exertion. This autumn I’ve fertilised my summer veggie garden area, planted perennials to replace annuals and also bought two planter boxes to sit on the edge of my concrete driveway as I was running out of sun drenched space. These boxes will be home to my crop of peas.

This summer I harvested cucumbers (2.5kgs), beans (1.1kg), pumpkin (3kgs), snow peas (1kg), tomatoes (27kgs), celery (2.7kgs) and bell peppers (4.2kgs with more to come). It’s saved more than a hundred dollars at the supermarket, and homegrown is so fresh and natural.

The rest of the two week break has filled up nicely. There’s time with friends and family as well as helping out with a couple of mission things with church. This holidays, I’m really truly trying to do some preparation for school, so that I can have more free time during the week so I am available more often and hopefully can build some better habits with socialising. My housemate is moving out tomorrow and despite attempts to find another, I haven’t yet. I’ll keep looking but some living alone time is going to occur. PARTY HOUSE!! Haha. I think it will mean having more people over as I sometimes feel constricted when someone else is here.

My plans for my next holiday in June/July are falling into place nicely. Originally I was happy to hang out by myself in Chicago for three weeks and take a break from the Australian winter, but I’m spending a few days with a friend in LA on the way back, a friend from the east coast is meeting me for the Independence Day weekend and I might be going road tripping with another friend for a week or so around the Midwest area. I was excited to visit the US again, but I’m even more excited now that I’ll be hanging out with friends. It’s such a gift from God that it can happen.

Being a teacher with too much break time (not too much money however, haha) and not enough to do, is occasionally a problem. However, God is blessing me in this area with plenty to do this holidays, US next holidays, helping students in spring holidays and then today :), :D, a friend said ‘do you want to hang out in New Zealand in January? It was such a refreshing gift. It probably won’t end up being there and then, but something, somewhere will happen and it will be good.