The best time of the year

I feel as if I always say that it’s the best time of the year, but it always is. Things are good. It’s two years since I moved here and I feel more connected than I have in a while. Today anyway; when I posted three weeks ago I wasn’t feeling it. I heard the other day that you need to know someone for a couple of years before you can feel ‘close’ to them. Exceptions of course, but it feels true in my life.

Preaching at church last week went really well. One skill I’ve developed through teaching high school is being able to do some reading and thinking and then practise and then be able to pretty much repeat those thoughts word for word when presenting. It helps with audience connection being able to do it from memory.

I got so much positive feedback; it was crazy. Compliments always make me uncomfortable. I would hope I do a good job after spending numerous hours each week teaching for the past three years. Then I wonder; was it good because people had low expectations? I think too much sometimes. It is a good reminder why research says that praise is only effective for student learning if it is specific. I think non-general praise is good for socio-emotional reasons though.

Other things that have happened since last time include getting back on top of masturbation and enjoying life.


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